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Sudden Scale Loss And Red Area

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Hi there

yesterday when i went to feed my fish i noticed my white telescope looking terrible.

on his right side, toward his tail is a very messy area. scales sticking up, all red underneath, looks very sore.

there was nothing at all the day before, the fish looked perfectly healthy.

he is still eating, not showing any problem breathing signs, not hanging around the top or bottom.

today - the area that is affected hasn't spread any further.

he is in a 21UK gallon tank with a black moor - they were bought together, have had them for a year now. they are both about 6/7in.

my gut instinct was that the moor had kinda beaten telescope up - as they have always hated each other. the moor always shows the signs that he's ripe for breeding, and is slightly bigger than whitey, they are always picking on each other.

there is a few rocks in there, no sharp edges - cos of their eyes, but a rough surface.

was thinking that it may have occurred during a lights out hardcore bust -up between the two of them.

but then thought - what if its actually something more serious....

moore is fine.

whitey seems fine in character etc.

started feeding with medigold as soon as i noticed the injury.

all water params totally fine, nothing new introduced into tank, no other signs of illness (i have 4 cory's that live in the tank also)

wondered whether anyone could offer me any advice?

(i know it probably sounds crazy assuming that the injury has come from a bit of a fight - but these two fish have hated each other from day one...i've never known anything like it)

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So sorry to hear about your fish. I know that you said your levels are fine, but could you post them. Sometimes this can help us put together the "whole" picture.

Have you tried doing a small water change and see if that helps him?

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