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Yea, the algea is finally starting to lose the battle!!!

Once I scrape it off it doesn't grow back anything like it used to, and what does grow back is much thinner and lighter. I added marine activated carbon in pantyhose to the sump, and also figured out how to keep the protein skimmer working right (the water level in the sump was too high).

I ended up getting an Engineer Goby and he's doing great. He is sooo cool to watch. He has tunnels all over in the sand and little holes where he comes out. He is causing the live rock to sink though- I'm hoping it won't be a problem. I was a little concerned that the rock might collapse on him and kill him but the pet store guy said it's possible but unlikely. Hopefully that won't happen.

I think my next purchase will be a lawnmower blenny. I don't think I'm going to need as big a clean up crew as I thought, now that the algea is slowly losing the battle. Oh, I also decreased the photo-period of the tank from 12 hours to ten hours for now.

I was so excited I just had to post about it. Hopefully the algea doesn't have an explosive bloom now because I jinxed myself. :lol:

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A lot of people are crazy about hermit crabs because they are so cool to watch, however, with my tank I have found that snails are the kings of the clean-up crew. I have 18 snails in a 20 gallon and only two crabs. Nassarius snails are great for keeping the sand clean, margarita and banded trochus are good too. Just stay away from Astrea because if they flip over they cannot right themselves and die, and turbo and red foots get way too big and bulldoze everything. Also if you have snails and hermits together, be sure to have extra shells available or the hermits will kill the snails for their shells.

I would be careful with the engineer and the rockwork. I had a jawfish that was crushed by the LR in my tank. I should have set the rock on the bottom of the tank and added my sand around it.

What are the specs of your tank?

Size, lbs of rock, depth of sandbed. etc.

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