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2 New Comet Babies

Guest PondCometer

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Guest PondCometer

Well the past few weeks my father and I have noticed something smaller swimming around then any of my comets..sure enough today i took a close look and saw two baby comets maybe 1 inch..starting to show their golden colors one is plain gold were as the other has what looks like a black spot on the top of its head..amazing becuase none of my comets have colors other then bright reddish gold will get pics as soon as I can get them without them moving..isn't very easy to net them in the pond either.. :rofl I have goldfish babies soo cool :lol:

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Guest PondCometer

Finally today with some light out I was able to capture this beauty with a net..I grabbed a small earthworm becuase I knew he wasn't eating any of the ones I was feeding to the larger comets..he/she is definetly adorable..the coloration is quite unique none of my comets have the black spot coloration..he looks more like a common though..cant wait to see what he turns into later on..he/she showed no interested in the little earthworm I put into the net with him..heres some quick snaps I got b4 releasing him back into the pond..I want to move him indoors so badly but I know he/she grew up in a pond and will be much happier outdoors..guess I'll just have to watch him interact with the other goldfish :lol1





Enjoy..Weeee Baby Comets..well not REALLY babies since they are both inch maybe more in size but their still my babies

Succesful breed #2 :D

I know its not possible but looks like Koi patterns to me..but I haven't had a koi in the pond for half a year now..strange oh well Thanks For Looking

P.S: This is what got me hooked on GoldFish :rofl

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Guest mosquitorancher

I, too, had a surprise when I cleared out some plants in my garden pond- two new babies! They had an odd coloration from my golden comets (one gold and white, a Sarasota, perhaps?) and I thought someone had slipped in some small Oscars. But quizzing (and insulting) family members reveiled that no one has put anything else in and I presume that the dark coloration will eventually go away. They were good sized babies, already 2-2 1/2 inches long and look well fed. My adults are pan-frying size (ha-ha, just joking), about 6 inches long, with beautiful flowing tails, with the exeption of one that has a shorter tail.

Comets are my favorite, don't care a thing about other types. In winter I cover my pond with a large sheet of clear plastic and every one does well. The plants do too. I have hyacinth and a couple of water lilies. The hyacinth is very hardy, except that some critter likes to get in there and eat the tops off them, mostly in summer. Haven't caught it in the act, yet, so I don't know what it is.

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