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So I'm setting up my 300 gallon pond so I have enough room for babies. So if you get an average of 30 good fish out of a "brood" (right term?), I will be close to crowded. I need crystal clear water so I'm getting the best filtration I can and am even considering a continuous drip system.

Well, does anyone know how you handle making new fry in planning for space? Do you just cull if you don't have room? Do you sell fishies? How many percent can you plan to keep, cull and auction off? I want to make my fish look beautiful, but I need to plan. One thing I'm doing is sticking to one breed. That should help with space.

Any thoughts? :)

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Ed, if we are talking veiltails here, thats what I would do - I wouldn't cull just to make space. Those little guys are so small at first, that some breeders keep dozens in 20-40 gl containers at first, and with the best filtration around you shouldn't have any problems keeping a few more in your 300 gl pond.

As for culling, go for the deformed ones first - crooked backs, open gill flaps, any kind of visible deformities. Those fish will likely not survive very long with heavy problems, and only take up space for the healthy ones.

When you have culled out all of those, look at your remaining ones and separate them by desired traits - in veiltails obviously the high dorsal fins, split and evenly formed tails. The typical "veil" trait will not show when they are babies, on mine from Al you could mistake them for fantails if you wouldn't know any better.

Anything with slight faults, like the first ray of the dorsal broken, webbed tails, not high enough dorsal, single anal fins, etc., they will not do well if you wonna use them for further breeding, but will definetely find lovely homes with hobby fish keepers.

Selling those would be the option I would go for - just reminds me of the thread with Kim's white veiltail, and how crazy everybody got over Elvis.I am sure you wouldn't have any problems finding a home for those that you don't wonna keep because of slight flaws.

What you are ending up with are the top of the creme - high flawless dorsals, even split tails, perfect body shape.

When thinking about all that, remember that only about 5% of a batch of fry will be desireable enough for a breeder to keep for further breeding.... :)

And if you are looking for calico veils, there is another interesting number - when breeding calicos, only 50% of the initial fry will even develop calico patterns, the rest will be red, red/white, red/white/black, maybe, so you have to take those "less-perfect" ones and a lot smaller number of breeding-potential and show quality fish.

And from those 50% remaining start sorting them out with the above mentioned criteria.....

Interesting, hm? ..... :)

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VErrrry Interesting Andrea... Did you use the genetics book for your learning on breeding (by Joe Smart)? Or how do you pick up knowledge like that? I'm not sure where to look, except maybe go to shows and meet the right people. I met a breeder at my LFS and he knew Al.

Yes, its all vietails for me. I love them. That's great news about the 300 gallon. I'm quite encouraged. But I suspect I'll be buying some tanks down the line too. Or maybe upgrade the pond. To a 500 or bigger.

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Ed, yes, I did read the book you mentioned, but most of that knowledge came from endless phone conversations with Al. He likes talking veiltails, goldfish in general, and its very hard to stop him once he starts! ....Not that I wanted him to stop, it was so interesting! :lol:

And then there are the few goldfish shows I attended, and started chatting with judges and so for. Its basically endless once you get going, and one thing leads to another! My family's hungry and impatient eyes usually were the clue for me to go home!

If you are interested, there is a goldfish breeder group over at yahoo, and a few breeders are in it as well - Vic Medore, Gary Hater, Jeff Jenkins with his longfinned lion project,.....

Those guys can give you all the info you ever wanted, and then some! :rofl

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:yeah: Ed, I can't help you with the breeding questions BUT I would like to be a proud owner. I am completely hooked on the veiltails. The pic I uploaded on my avatar (I altered it a bit with color) is a 50 year old Chinese photograph of a veiltail goldie who was completely white. So beautiful. I'm interested in the ones that are red and white! I think they are lovely...even though I would die for a pure white...

Where's the sign up sheet Ed!!!! Put me down! By the time you have fish I'll have a 55 gallon tank! :druel

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