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Black oranda

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theyre doing great! thanks for asking! theyre eating several thousand baby brine shrimp per day between the 8 of them! i lost one the other day but he wasnt growing or eating at all so im not surprised. ive just upgraded their housing too and am probably going to again next week :D theyre getting big so quick now! i think i can see some calicos in there too! one of them has a double tail but its the smallest one so im keeping my fingers crossed. also, my other fry who is a few months old has reached about an inch and went in to live with my 4" bubble eyes today and she loves it! theres a huge rock she can hide behind if she wants and lots of plants but she doesnt need to. shes so bold. and omg, the gut on her!!! ill take some pics later on. it is halarious! thanks for asking. everythings going fantastic! :carrot

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