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Guest pipsxlch

Here's a really lousy one and only pic of my brand new still nameless guy. Maybe Bazooka or HubbaBubba? Chiclet? I'd just done a water change, and boy flash shows up water streaks! S/he has an ugly lumpy back and tail, but the white with the red bubbles and eyes, and s/he just kept following me... :wub:


(there's a whole width of the tank between him and Snotface- he's such a tadpole next to The Thing That Ate New York! S/he's not been aggressive at all, though- if such a waddler could manage to be aggressive)

I love the calicos best, my 1st bubble eye was a calico. And the black ones look like my late lamented Bubba- the one I had 15 years. He never decolored. :shrug: I did get him at a store that had really nice quality imported fish, back around '82. He was a great fish.

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Love the bubble eyes...I have 2. :)

What do you all do for tank lighting. Anytime I have put the hood light on they just panic and freeze. Now they just get light from the room.

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WOW! Black Bubble Eye looks SO COOL!!

I'd be waaay to scared to try and take care of one, they look awsome though...maybe one day I'll have advanced at least enough to get an oranda! :rolleyes:

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Angie, newly purchased fish are skiddish at first, but will get used to it after a while. Just give it time, and try to avoid fast and sudden movements. Approach them slowly, and best - pribe them with some food. After a while they make the connection of the "big scary person" being the food supply. :D

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