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12 Week Old Fry

Guest Spacebux

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Guest Spacebux

ok guys so my fry are 12 weeks old or something near that - I have about 35 left - they are getting bigger - a few died recently - i checked water and it was fine - low nitrates and ammonia (all nearly 0)

I only have 1 small plant in there and a air stone and also a sponge filter - is it wias to add any more plants or ornament?? I also have some aqaurium salt - is it worth adding any?? Im feeding liquify 3 powder at the moment. when should i attempt adult fish food??

Im pleased so far that i still have as many as i do as this is my first go at rasing fry, even though theres only half the amount left I started with. Some of the dead ones had bent spines so I gather it was that that killed them. Is there anything elese that might cause fry to die apart from bad water?? :huh:

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Guest noahnjm

How big of tank do you have them in? What kind of fry are they?

If you do add more plants/ornaments make sure you put it in slowly so you dont ingure any fry. Most goldfish sites say that 70% of a tank should be covered with plants (fake or not) and ornaments for them to have plenty of hiding places. I dont go by that rule or whatever it is, but I'm sure it would be good for fry.

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Guest Orandaman

Sounds like you are doing pretty good.

Since your water quality is really good, the fry that die are probably due to physical or genetic defects. Nature takes it course. Only the healthy survive. Sudden change in water temperature can easily kill fry.

To add salt or not is a bit controversial. Some say it helps fish develop better immunity against parasites while others say it does nothing. In my opinion, it does no harm.

Plants do help absorb nitrate that the biofilter produces. It makes the tank look more pleasing too. But unless you want to put up with lots of plants, water change is still necessary. Ornaments are great to give that tank a personal touch but too many can make cleaning more difficult. So, it's pretty much a personal choice.

Up to 8 weeks, fry should be fed a high protient food. I think at 12 weeks your fry should be able to eat regular fish food. You may need to grind it or crush it if it's too big for their mouths. Even if you don't, they will nibble at it and devour it just the same.

Hope that helps answer some of your question. Others may have differing opinions.

Aside from that, you are doing a fantastic job.

Post some picture for us when you have them.

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Guest Spacebux

thanks guys- i would post pics but cant yet as need 100 posts or more I think ?? if anyone wants pics i can email them - just mail me at spacebucks@hotmail.com



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