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Fin Rot

Guest Jenel

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Guest Jenel

My goldfish has finrot and red streaks, probably because of bad water quality in their tank due to me actually believing anything the pet store owner told me.

They used to be in a 3 UK Gallon (4 US Gallon) tank but I recently learnt that this was really cruel and rushed straight out to get a 16 UK Gallon (20 US) tank and some water testing kits.

I've now had the new tank for 2 days and the water quality is now a lot better - Ammonia = 0 Nitrite = 0 and Nitrates and pH I'm not sure of but I treat the water with drops for the pH.

I've also been using Myxazin (Maracyn) since the new tank.

I was wondering, is this all I can do for her? And if it is working are there any signs that she's getting better? And how long before her tail grows back?

Thanks :)


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