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New to Koko's. Hello everyone!

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Hi All!

Found this wonderful community after spending countless hours digging through random discussions on other forums, and could tell this was the place I should be making an account on.

Had my first fish tank when I was around 10-12 years old, 10 gallon tropical mix tank, was going well for a while until I ended up with a psychopathic serial killer White Molly that attacked and killed multiple fish.

My wife won 2 Common Goldfish from the county fair 5 years ago, so I decided to give fish keeping a serious effort.  These poor Common Goldfish (feeders) were being stored in a big plastic garbage can on the hot blacktop during an 85 degree sweltering day.  Got them home and into a temporary 5 gallon while getting a real tank set up, and one of them passed away.  I would guess they were both about 1 year old (approx 2.5 inches).

I set out learning as much as possible on how to do it the right way, and went with a 55 gallon.  Got that set up, moved Diocletian (who ended up being female) to the big tank, and purchased a Common/Comet Goldfish (not feeder) from the pet store to get her a companion.  Only issue was that our new fish, Artemis (who ended up being male), was only a few weeks old and way to small to introduce to the 55 gallon without worrying that Diocletian might accidentally eat him, so the 5 gallon was his temporary quarantine home for a few months until he looked big enough to not fit in her mouth.



Once Artemis was big enough to to introduce to Diocletian and the 55 gallon, they became best friends right away.


Artemis kept growing faster and faster, while Diocletian remained a bit stunted.  I assume this is partly due to size differences between male and female Common Goldfish, but also I think Diocletian's rough early years and possibly poor genetics are responsible...  She started becoming a darker orange color on top, and lighter orange on her belly, and Artemis lost most of his orange color besides his fins and his moustache.


After struggling to get my plants to thrive, I blamed the substrate (and not the Goldfish that constantly eat the plants and pull them out lol).  Did a full rescape to try again.  Also upgraded to a canister filter.


Very quickly, Artemis was as big as Diocletian!  Diocletian had her colors change to the point where she was red/white, and no longer orange.


Today, Artemis is probably 1.5 the size of Diocletian.  She is dealing with some bacterial infection issues I am trying to address, but his health has always been 100%.  No longer trying to grow rooting plants, upgraded to a Fluval FX6, and working as hard as possible to get my old girl back to the happy and healthy life.


Oh yeah, and I recently set up a Fluval Spec V for our new Betta, Hugo!





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Hey there :welcome

Those are some pretty awesome looking tanks. Your fish are so bright and big. What do you feed them if you dont mind me asking?


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2 minutes ago, koko said:

Hey there :welcome

Those are some pretty awesome looking tanks. Your fish are so bright and big. What do you feed them if you dont mind me asking?


Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  :)

We feed them Repashy Super Gold every morning, and Fluval Bug Bites (soaked/pressed) or peas for evening snacks.  Upgraded the tank with glass lids and a Finnex Stingray LED which helps bring out their colors.

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