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Been away for years, upgrade questions!

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Hey guys! I literally haven't been here in years, but I've got a few questions that I don't really think I got an informed answer to on Reddit.

So I have 1 Comet, Kritlaq, 7-10" long, and 1 Common with a special needs mouth, Asimov, 6-9". After 6 years of keeping them in my 55 gallon, I'm saving up to move them to a 75. 


So, these guys have always lived just the two of them. No dither fish, no snails, just the two of them. If I were to introduce a younger goldfish, say a year or two old Sarasa or Shubunkin, would they flip out and go for the kill on the new guy? Or some other smaller fish to liven things up? These two are literally the only fish I have ever owned, and I don't want to screw this up.


Would it even be safe to stock that many fish per gallon? I will be running a 24 gallon sump on the 75 gallon. Will I need more filtration? I will have two strong airstones at either end, I could buy some cheap HOB filters and grow pothos out of those along the rim, I suppose.


And finally, while I have an extra bag of lava rock growing bacteria in preparation for the new tank (along with my current filter media), will I cause a crash if I don't use any of the gravel or decorations from my current tank? I mean 20 gallon difference ain't gonna kill them, right?


I just haven't done a rescape in years, and no rehoming once I got my first 55 gallon within my first fourth months in the hobby, so I don't remember much past the every day basics. I just wanna do right by my babies.


Sorry for all the different questions, I didn't know where to ask, and then I remembered that if I hadn't found Koko's my little Asimov would be dead, and likely Kritlaq, too! So I came back to ask for advice again.


Any advice is appreciated! If I need to move this to a different forum, lemme know and I'll do so! Thanks, y'all!

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Hi! Welcome Back :)

There shouldnt be any problems introducing another fish to the tank, just make sure to do a good Quarantine!

As long as you use all the same filter media you shouldn't have a crash :) 

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