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New Little Goldies!

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My 3 new goldies when on their 1st day in their quarantine tank.:fishtank I got them at the new local independent pet store. I was there to only buy 2 goldfish but the store owner threw in a free goldfish because we were also buying a 5 gallon tank set, plus a lot of accessories for that tank to use for my new betta. ;) The Orange & White one is an Oranda, and because he has orange coloring going from his back up on to his top fin that makes it look like a shark fin, I named him "Baby Shark", or "Sharkey" for short :tomuch:. The mostly white colored calico fish has one all black button eye, I named that fish "Betty White" :wub: or if it turns out to be a male, I'll call him "B.W." The mostly orange calico fish I named "Guitar" just because I like guitars and have always wanted to name one of my pets that name :lol3 They're so tiny, that when I put them in their 40B, they will think it is an ocean! :rolleyes:

20220122_135733 (2).jpg




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Cute little dudes. Hard to tell what the other two varieties are. I think the other orange fish is also a pet grade Oranda. The whitish looking one may be a fantail. Cool to see how they will look going forward.

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