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Hello gold fans!!(WARNING! Avid Goldfish Hunter's Storyline )

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😎 Hello mates, my time from keeping goldfish has been so acceptable for the past 7-8 years. It has been very valuable that I have achieved much strength through losses and gifts

I got to admit. Everybody that keeps goldfish, and i mean 'everybody' has their first pet as a fish, likely a goldfish. We feed it in small bowls or totes and they died on us. We kept it in clean water as we think they help freshening the fish's gills and they died on us. We kept them as long as they survive until your grandmother's last supper of the week!

And yet again they STILL died on us :blush:

 My Life With Goldfish 

You guys can call me Zeze, I am a goldfish hobbyist in the US of A. The plot of this is not to admit we lose everything but to admit we humans learn the consequence of struggling through conditioning knowledge. Hardly anybody is going to believe goldfish are super easy fish, just take a wide look at some of the primary examples of first time goldfish keepers when they own fish, and not all the time you think they're easy because it's there and are widely placed in the economic mainstream. As a goldfish caring lad, I had experienced taking some time out of fancy goldfish after continuously seeing my fish died(i prefer any comets/hibunas for the troubles of loss as they don't eat my money like pricey ryukins/moors and they are fairly tolerant). I remember one of my first fancy goldfish were two small orange ryukins, the one with the medium tail and the other a long tail. It was a problem of me having to make clumsy mistakes until I gotten help by professionals back at Goldfish Keepers Forum and on Facebook. The forum provided me with a lot of diverse readings on what to accomplish the problems with fish, what's their background developed with the abstract learning in the hobby they yet attached, and the varieties of breeds they find on what was fascinating :). While in Facebook, there were a bunch of groups dedicating for goldfish breeders, beginners and mixed. I thought of coming to these places and decided to get attached! 

Many months and even 2 years later, during this time, I have gained new friends, mentors and family on my social list. The confidence aimed, passion and unforgetting strength portrayed, I had gathered information I seek was easy to understand, what were the secrets in goldfish keeping most people never touch up the idea to come across with, the types of equipment used for calculating fish density, gallons, flowrate and food proportions, and of course the formula for sexing goldfish (kaaa~chiiinngggg 💸). I was super glued with this hobby that I have gained biology and reading through courses of science major back at high school years, so it is for me with processing easier articles on goldfish information, with the help of sources with easy directions, uncommon practices that improve hobby and affording the right stuff to offer best quality requirement for all goldfish breeds to begin and end with. I also learned, to begin the care for fish, you must care the water first, as water have to be treated first so for all living things to coexist as long a you do parameter and water change regiments . I now currently have 6 goldfish! 4 commons, and 2 comets that I will be telling you guys all about how I manage owning these fish from then by their predecessors to now along with my life revolving around the progression to keeping the idea of goldfish.


:goldfish:The Expansion of My Expeditions :goldfish:


About me I am very intuitive on finding many different details and sites i can think to gather out of. The information linked to my intuition are achieved through attaining ideas from overbroad(that is outside of United States)! If you ever stumble into Google Translate, which is the first thing to  find a language you would catch at, or for some anime fans use when describing characters they were speaking out of for a roleplay or for making a fan-base service 😏


For many times I have a thought on how the husbandry on goldfish hobby got to define in different international regions. I can tell there are more countries that do better with goldfish than here, for example China with their long history of goldfish and variety creation as the oldest, UK and the Western European countries that allows standards to test the most fitting and perfect goldfish (especially the veiltails, broadtail moor, and the infamous Bristol shubunkin), Thailand with some of the best oranda breeders, and there it goes, Japan.. With their clean reds, bright whites, majestic deep contours on most of them and highest respect to single tailed varieties, that is also home to the birthplace of nishikigoi(yep my friends, koi). Keep in mind the idea of what I made was to make a great opinion about it. I just so happened to think that after recently within the latest weeks of my 2 year period from reading around goldfish forums!

I gone towards the translate, hoping I can use English as my typing spot and Japanese as the translator spot. There the translator is then finished and copied. I typed "Goldfish" and it eventually is then translated to 金魚(Kingyo). I was very fascinated by the images brought about because it payed super attention into every detail on the goldfish and it made them be so clean and organized, it's like the finest quality "school pictures" I have ever seen, and my thought of it still persisted :) . As expected you should always use the translator with you when you are within a language dominated site like that, although bear the warning the translation is machine based, so it wont come out as clean or linguistic as you'd assume. I remember the first site I came into, which was a memory, it was of a site Gyoogle. Gyoogle is an encyclopedia specialized in recording Japanese goldfish, along with the analysis on its rank of availability. That means when each variety they added is up on the billboard, the stars counting from 5 as the most common on all home appliances, to 3 as seen in fish stores to 0 as N/A or never produced in availability and it is hard to find; I also get that it never been updated towards that note after 5 years watching back on it.

So the site has taught me a lot about more goldfish than what i I had saw in Wikipedia, Facebook, and Goldfish Keepers Forum speaking about breeds. and the varieties placed in the site were nothing compared to the goldfish I seen in stores like PetSmart, Petco and some other non commercial pet chains. The site has organization of each groups depending on the basis of type. So for the name they collected there's:

1. Wakin Type/Carp Type ~ all types with long torpedo shaped bodies reminiscent to the Prussian Carp. can either be single caudal or double caudal like you see in wakins and jikins

2. Ryukin Type ~ all fancy types with short bodies, dorsal fin and no headgrowth(headgrowth are often called wen)

3. Ranchu Type ~ all types with short bodies, either or no headgrowth lacking dorsal fin

4. Oranda Type  ~ all fancy types with short bodies, dorsal fin and or without headgrowth

The site is right there if you want to read!


To better find the fish you have searched up, it's great to copy the title of that fish you selected, paste on the search bar then enter!


Fast forward to 2 years ago, I now have moved on to fish food types and what to find for feeding goldfish. I find it hard as it is subjective. The problems with guts, intolerance, and floatiness. Everybody accepts the food they trust as long as it doesn't frequently give them problems, much less sporadic, even with appropriate measures were taken, you should always watch what you give to your fish. And even with fillers and conventional ingredients most beginners used for their fish as it is reasonable for a great price anyone can afford for even 5-8 dollars for a 7 oz can. But if possible, there are bound to be better options of prices with that range on a near same net weight can coming from a different product, for exmaple, Brine Shrimp Direct's Cool flakes as it concocts better nutrient locking than conventional flakes seen widely available. from the note I copied according to there: 


Conventional flaking processes operate at a contact temperatures of around 300°F, rendering some heat labile ingredients into the nutritional equivalent of cardboard. Conversely, our COOL COOKING METHODOLOGY gently dries select premium ingredients at an absurdly low temperature of 135°F, delivering a product with an entirely new texture, flavor and nutrient payload. Drying at lower temperature results in better retention of essential vitamins, lipids, flavourants and amino acids. Our process also allows us to use less fillers and instead concentrate on what fish really like.


The price in pounds are undeniable. Compared to 16 ounces of cobalt aquatics goldfish flakes at near 40 dollars, and Tetra's goldfish flakes at 30-34 dollars(estimated by multiplying two 7.06 oz because there's no 16 oz unit) any kind of cool flakes they have are worth 17 dollars! Most stores don't sell these brands unless you are quite lucky unlike me! You would otherwise get them online.

Here's this source:



There I went off to discover other foods and since I last went to Japanese goldfish articles, I came up an idea to find out what the koi breeders feed to their fish. Koi feed are also discovered to have that much fillers to, and keeping colors as intense as you would want for a show koi is hard as it will take a while than any 2-3 week feeding period some people expected. You'd notice the fish has yellowing on the skin, blemishes at the white areas, and if you like to feed your fish a lot during summer time, the water gets really cloudy because the waste were improperly digested. I tried finding goldfish food like Hikari that I used to admire but after seeing goldfish hobbyist's experience with buoyancy in their orandas, and having wayy too many fillers although wheat and gluten ingredients were relatively small in percentage. Many competitive food brands are out in the market to see who's best, and it is the same as human grade and dog/cat consumables. It's a hostile jungle for you and your mind to process where is the right one you want for your fish~ 

I seem to be blessed. Right where I see Hikari, i dove deeper to other products right by it like FD, JPD, Azayaka, and Nijikawa. Aside Azayaka, yes they are exactly koi brands, only except for one not made in the US opposite to Azayaka, ehem speaking to JPD(Japan Pet Design). Why am i choosing to watch up on koi foods where you can use goldfish foods? Reality-wise, goldfish and koi eat everything, and their needs are rather similar. Where i seen types of food within brands for goldfish vs koi, there are a lot more variations to goldfish diet than with koi more over because goldfish were selected for body conformation, and foods like koi food in theory wouldn't be useful for a ball shaped goldie. Also, for fancy goldfish processed and dried pellets, they have more attention with diet benefits than with non breed-specific meals like for Tetra and Wardley. I own singletails around my room and out of bets between 1 to 5, they can handle even floating food, and floating food are the top choices for koi. But I often questioned do these feeds in koi were to effect the same on goldfish? 

So there, I select JPD and Nijikawa. A year later, I found Dainichi, though I already have enough koi food as it is and also can't place too much emphasis on grabbing premium diet for them. I was offered a bundle sample by my friend from Florida were he's a koi keeping maniac, decided to share me a pound of his delivered JPD Shogun and Nijikawa Growth. The sizes were 5mm and 7, there i crushed them into non powdery granules. Tossed some in the water, so It just so happens my goldfish became enticed on them right away! Their growth and color was a miracle with a month use. I had to praise my friend for the share. Sadly the food went bad because i knocked the bucket to change the water and it soaked on nearly all the food, but thankfully at the time it happened the amount left was little less than 5 oz each(You can feed more times per serving with Nijikawa without clouding the water during summer). So I now get back to buy affordable food like Omega One and Fluval.


What's Your Favorite Type?


I really went back my start on goldfish since 7. My mother brought me a gallon tote to keep 7 goldfish in there. There were no filters or anything but water, dechlorinator and flakes. And for the past weeks maybe all but 2 survived. Their scales and fins were mangled and pale like a golden yellow crayon drawing being partially erased on white paper. I do blame myself for not provide attention, but they did look very pretty to my eyes as they were alive for 6 months. I stopped keeping fish after being in school, playing games non stop, have no room with new stuff from yearly Christmas gifts, then got to be told I don't work until I am ready. The summer of 2016 and 17 was hot. Finally those were the years I get off from close spaced comfort and reach to the destination of tranquility and happiness for even the outdoors as well. Before I always stay inside the house since the neighborhood sometimes has something where the wild things are(Like the book as you nostalgic people remembered long time ago, except those weren't good monsters lol). First time visiting a pet store, gotten nice fish that were like the guys I had at 7! I always visit that store because from my highschool it is less than 200 yards, and by bus there's all posts and benches laid around corners of the sidewalk, near, and middle. The best hitch and ride experience ever! 


The goldfish I first bought were long bodied. I remember a few were orange, some red/white, and one green! I was super surprised to notice a green goldfish?! I joked with my mother about the color not being gold and call it "Drabfish" after the color of the drab from the olive. Mother asked, you didnt bought the tank? Why? I said I was just a gold-digger xD. She was upset that day and her face was like a lionhead !We came back on that day and bought the tank with filters and sorts. The tank was 10 gallon and the equipment came with it were appropriate, so we followed directions what the employee told us and boom, the tank's set! And now we acclimate the bag... Then we placed the store water in there where we shouldn't have 😳. Cringe ~~ 

Aside from that we bought the medicine and parameter test kit in case the water is not right and the fish act strange where the signs of illness would show up. I had these fish for one year, until when her friend brought the 8 inch white common goldfish from the abandoned owner's tank. We set the fish with these guys and the fish killed them just for food and space O.O ....! Gee the white massacre brought upon them.

We had then gave away the goldfish to a retired man of the trained military service. That's right, so the goldfish should go massacre the opposing sides of the world instead >:-) 

At late 2017 while I had new sets of single tails was when I bought the ryukins, then the lionhead and moor. Eventually they gotten sick to the edge of the line and they died shortly from hexamita worms. No wonder it was poor treatment of the store! I isolated my other guys for 3 weeks. But during the weeks they spawned like crazy, the babies were plumpy. The parents were sent away to my cousin in Florida whom I loved by her rich pond and goldfish cared by her! We had problems with infestations with mold and roaches in the hidden walls of this apartment smh and it was too severe for us to keep living that we have to move quickly. I don't want to forget the babies tho! Now i am living back to the old neighborhood I lived where I was a child.

Skipped the timeframe to 2019. at the time i bought a chocolate oranda who was the longest of the fancies I own. She was small at 3 inches and her special over darkened marks got on the dorsal ray and her scales. She was the most unique goldfish I ever seen to keep. It was also my first oranda too as much as I remember! Her name was Mocha. She usually stay at the corners for feeding on the gravel, then what came next is the sight of the food she smelled, bursting her body on force against the water like a steamboat. She made lots of splashes very much then. My babies grew to the size of my hand, and honestly I have not do much water change so their body length must be stunted a little as the place I am living has little resources for my fish to stay active 24/7. But im still trying better ways like from before for myself to be proactive with aquarium regimes. I had to work out, stay up and watch, then go to sleep hearing the electronic noises coming from the pump and filter which I already am used to now. I find myself tolerant with the buzzes albeit it is kinda tough to hear my uncle calling my name, he should've owned a megaphone next time ;) 

The year old goldfish have grown more to the size of an 7 inch mark, where I have no choice but to give half of the 8 fish away(excluding Mocha). The three were a sakura shubunkin, a tancho comet, an orange comet and an orange common. The main four were voracious eaters, but Tancho is skittish at noticing where I am. He never decide when it is to come out unless he's the biggest of the crowd. Which the sakura was at 8, the orange comet at 7 28/32, orange common at 7 1/2 like Mocha, and Tancho at 7 2/16. 

How I got to only 4 goldfish and one big goldfish as of now is pretty straightforward. Tancho was being pushed by the 4 goldfish during September of 2020. Had sort out the fries for slow growth this time, then selecting the ones with body deformities. Fries were separated in a 3 gallon tote, medicated with methylene blue and gill flukes treatment, half had died at 3 weeks, which remained at 100 until 30 at 2 months, and 7 at a month after, which was December. I had mostly greens and black/oranges. Some died of fungal rot in the water that hasn't been cycled since my return to my home state. I got them NOW thankfully my grandmother was courteous to send the bacteria bottle and ceramic rings to me. The tragedy came to the parents from the hurricane in 2021 of the hurricane, and the powerline got damaged. Awaiting 2 weeks for it to repair, I had no filter, no pump, no special accessories to fuel life in the tank. I had to place these fish in buckets daily to change, refill, then change refill, and their feed is reduce to once every 3 days so for ammonia buildup and toxic waste not to kill them. Three days later this morning most of my adults suffered from asphyxiation, and only the tancho comet survived. It was deeply upsetting for the death of Mocha. Her life and other's would not live this way if I thought not to raise them here from before, it was my mind I believe i shouldn't try keeping more goldfish now. Mocha was so unique and rich, her experience with me was a crowd-pleasing extravagance. Thankfully as i thought on the other side from my previous mind, if she were to be bought by somebody not caring as I am, she would be in serious trouble and more likely get stunted down the length she grew before death. God bless her soul now with her brothers in the air. I grieved for them too as I always do with new or old fish. Death is cheaper to store owned fish, meanwhile to old fish of either donated or kept in owner's care for a while, it is nothing to think they can be replaced with. It's expensive to how they exist, raised, and gifted. So as I am curious, funny, inquisitive, determinable and knowledgeable, I myself even cry, for the things I lost or wish the lost would return. It is no embarrassing feeling, it is the natural emotion most complex living things are able to develop. 

My 5 small goldfish and Tancho survive the 2 weeks onslaught, and the journey in the 5 gallon bucket has ended! the power repaired back and so does our housing electricals. It was like a turn of the century for me :D . 

To summarize this up, my favorite varieties gotten to be the hardier fancies like the oranda thanks to Mocha ❤️. And any of the single tail varieties too! I opened my eyes on them everyday to dream of what I can do to wish for the opportunities in my respects to shine over. The long splendid bodies and simple classic wild formed nature of the hibunas and comets, and the round, deep belly, high backs all with double tails of fancies. I could only think of getting more of them... I just have to be strategic and wait till it happens ladies and genties~~~~~ 


Dreams and Wrapping Up!



As a boy in its last 2 teen years, goldfish has never been so exciting than taking new heights. Back on Gyoogle, I believe the page i went to of a few fish I stared back at the most are Aizu Jyokko, Bristol, and Suehiro Nishiki. All the three are pretty rare or never seen, except the Bristol, as the only main breeder of them is the famous American legend Gary Hater. Raised eyebrows and a pleasant tone and voice, I met him back at Facebook. He rarely talks to visitors of my age mostly because he is older and a lot experienced come to his part separates greatly from us and especially the time he lived. I loved learning about his stories he written in his mind, about how he owned the Philidelphia veiltail goldfish. The veils he kept are of a challenger's goldfish because of the many different expressed genes as a tetraploid and also of the percentages of favorable keepers to be attracted to his attention as show grades. He invited me to the topic on goldfish as he moved along, although in parts where we stop for a sudden snack to eat, he came back and tried to call me. I was not able to call at the new phone due to data being unrecognizable unless it's my old phone wich that phone can't call correctly as often times I get from people, with the point made about me sounding scratchy and muffled. Thank you 4 year old phone LOL

He is also the founder at the Goldfish Council, the link I seen is in the Facebook gallery of his profile, along with Joshua McWilliam's. Though not a forum, it's still a great place for me to finally know the real standards adopted by countries to Americanized procedures in taking on goldfish for display. I researched Bristol shubunkins back from a different source in 2018 called Bristol Aquarist's Society. The standards I seen from it has been the standards that changed in United States, as they allow the classic type Bristol to be accepted. Gary mentioned the modern type is also in the group's standard. I was asked to him how come you make a new idea to place the classic type in, don't they be ruled out in British side? "They do but the modern type has been popular over recent years, many hobbyists wanting to get them due to the way their tails stand up exactly 180 degrees, I mean sometimes 160 to 170 but pretty difficult to achieve 180 when they get passed year 2. In the offspring, many bristols that are keepers get to grow tails so long that it densifies the finnage, and what it does is it weakens the scaffolds that support the distribution, and also the fish gets  less powerful. To rely on wide fins means you have to rely on stronger fish to last a while over. Years ago we had these problems where the fish gets tired of swimming with these situations and it's overwhelming for the part, we had to gladly grab the classic types for those reasons. That was amazing of the things goldfish of these types he didnt select but allowed, as selection ultimately places any sort of special fish to be ruled out for only the most fitting and best on that said variety. At instagram where I first joined at 2017, he is also there, but not that for I already know his profile as he told me before. I came looking for hashtags with goldfish in the #'s. I then looked over to see the Japanese version such as #金魚, #和金, #地金, #ブリストル朱文金. Where that happened, there are so many beautiful goldfish, I cannot unfold that where I was at Gyoogle to begin with. The goshiki shubunkins I read from there, I now saw it over at Instagram finally, from the first person who breeds them, later to be named Tsunya Yamada, his profile's funaowakin270. Sadly he can't speak English that well or much, but hey you get to learn the cultural influence from someone that knowledgeable and that admirable of single tails. 

He has goldfish with pretty much cool looking patterns you never seen before on those varieties. Much like sakura, kirin, and calico but they are oriented in a pattern so pleasing it has the features exactly like a koi... And i mean it comes to no surprise he creates them to be like koi. I asked what patterns of goldfish you see very commonly in your strains? He said kohaku(white body with red stepped/banded pattern on the top region), Showa(black body with red and white highlits, black streaks extending on the fin and face), Bekko/Utsuri(Any of the white, red and yellow body colors having with black patches. Bekkos do not reach their black on the facial region), Ochiba(brown bodied koi with grey areas or inverted) and Tancho(of any koi variety with red circle on their central cranium). I DO imagine, some of the best goldfish I have seen are right here are like jewels to be groomed in the tank. He shared me one of his favorite fish that time, of a brown matte goldfish(Normally brown/tea goldfish rarely get transparent or nacreous in genes because brown fish are outcomes of calico fish, plus they are metallics). This goldfish has the strangest nacreous scale orientation I ever seen! I was shocked because naturally the metallics and mattes scatter around the body, and so random you can't control these types to be aligned in both sides, let alone on a bronze goldfish..... he calls it the "Katana goldfish" by the matte area being the handle on the frontal side, while at the back side the metallic scales resemble of a shiny thin blade(AUTHENTIC!!)

Here's his bio:


He also has Ameba profile tight here :



And there I was, my first dream came to path in that I want to create goldfish like koi, specifically the singletailed varieties, even the twintailed types of long body form. Thanks to Yamada Sensei's fish, he given my thought of honesty to dream bigger. After all, he won many champions of his goldfish on display at annual Japanese goldfish shows and is crowned the best single tail breeder! Later one day I wanted to understand genetics. The nature of genetics in goldfish. I remembered watching the video on youtube where Rob Cosby teaches the audience of goldfish background and genetic makeup of creating different varieties new, revived, and old. I had a hard time keeping black on my goldfish until he said black tubs or of an environment where it is shady offers black to stay back and grow, along with powerful lighting with spectrums closer to sunlight. Weirdly satisfying, this of course helps me solve why my comet was growing black in the tank and the other thing to why it is fading. I guess before I installed the new pump and white airstone, the tank was dark in the mornings due to the darkness of the curtain, for algae prevention :). I see my comet was growing black on all sides it almost make it seem to be black, meanwhile the scales are rather brown and deep tea colored against the orange. As he said brown fish have melanin scattering over the erythrophores and xanthrophores(these two colors make up orange when mixed) so that was probably melanin doing its work. An interesting find is that melanin is not a protein but a byproduct of it from the amino acid Tyrosine, in that it is found to be in spirulina, salmon, soy, and animal meat as the highest concentration. That seems good considering people mentioned soy is a gmo ingredient and poor over some top common products like Tetra, but i will steer away from them as I feed pellets of a less uncommon company. 

Tyrosine gets broken down into tyrosinase, and after a while it gotten to be melanin that the fish produces! It is just like the color in human skin of where we derived our colors from ingesting meals for the skin color to be uniformed, this can be said for goldfish exactly. What a gold mine i found :D !! I recently learned you can make new fish from existing ones and revive the fish with genetic stocks resembling the old varieties seen back then. For example, Philidephian veiltails were noted to be diverged by the Fringetail, not the English veiltail. but many so often believed it so I will just have to assimilate the 'fact'. Same goes with comets, these goldfish were developed in the United States from "mutations of the common goldfish" but meanwhile according to Godlfish And Genetics handbook, comets were achieved by crossing a fringetail ryukin and a common, in the results shows, how of long body with long flowing tail in a form of elegant strides as it swims quick and cunning. Anyways, for the philly veil goldfish, many hobbyists were feared it will be extinct in the future due to its cull percentage and difficulty raising it. And in my mind, if I were to mix the features of the philly veil(the long fins) to the common, the offspring would may come together as flaming torches; they get the philly gene to be one day place back on a fancy goldfish such as the fantail to revive the goldfish! it is much like how the Japanese sought the shukin(long finned lionhead) after it was wiped out from the aftermath of WWII. All it takes is oranda and a lionhead!! You now have reborn the legacy's goldfish breed folks! So it was my idea I think of creating new varieties even after seeing other people's goldfish in the breeding program developing either improved body statures, coloring, and type of breed, albeit not established to shows which they get awarded as "Unique Goldfish". I remembered my friend back at Goldfish Keepers forum designs the wenless eggfish with his ranchu and ryukin after 4 years of making. He said the main details of putting it into work is practice predictions, handle the fry deforms that are closer to the ideal imaginary image you find, then cross back with the parents closely linking the shape and always have backup purebreds with you. You just have a decent space to access tens of tubs as wide as your bath tub. Since then, my other dream is to create new varieties, specifically varieties that are founded to become hardy and original. Then for reducing inbreeds, I would manage to access other varieties like tosakin and put it with fantails and broadtails to make it more vigorous and strong. It was then I know how I could condition my goldfish into breeding, for only now is not the appropriate time ;) . Speaking of vigorous, I think creating comets with boxy and full fins would be a very interesting idea, even for ones that have extremely long fins!


TO wrap this up, I explained to you all on my trip as a hobbyist would find me into... By friendship and coexistence with nature to people. We should not descriminate the efforts we put in to admire the wonders and taste of goldfish keepers and how come all of this developed today's society since ancient times. Let the dreams spark inside you to watch the phenomenon happening, let burdens go to dust but be with you for your life. Same with the furry animals you loved, there is no such thing as "just" when placing basic respect to the goldfish we all loved. :) 


Well this has bound to be one of my LONGEST and BIGGEST greets I probably wrote in here, but I hope it may be worth it for you to read 😄!! If you have, thanks for becoming my new friend and stay safe :-] 



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