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Cycle keeps crashing

Guest The owl

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Guest The owl


I have inherited a fantail goldfish a few months ago from someone who was no longer able to look after it and I am having trouble cycling the tank.

I brought a new 200L tank as it was in a small one, and I have a fluval u4 and a fluval u2 filter with two airstones. I am having to do a fish in tank cycle as I only have the one tank and have no space for another and I don't know anyone who can give me filter media. 

I am doing daily 25% water changes and taking readings using a master test kit every 2 days. The latest reading is 7.4 PH, 0.25 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 40 nitrate which indicates a crash.

What can I do to get this tank cycled and get some time back in the evening? 

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What do your tap water parameters look like and how are you cleaning your filter media? 😊

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