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Returning - need some advice for guppy's and algea eaters


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Hi all,

I used to keep fish many years ago and successfully kept several goldfish. Around 5 years ago I stopped the hobby as I had two kids, and time was a factor..

Now you can guess were this is going the kids would like some fish, and I like to do things properly and I remember only bits and pieces from previous experience and need a bit of a refresh.


I'm hopping to get a smallish tank around 10-20 gallon, and I'm aware this is way to small for goldfish.. I would like to put some guppy's in the tank and atleast one algea eater. With thermostat etc..

There used to be a really handy gallon to fish calculator(which I can't find) could someone point in me in the right direction in terms of numbers required to keep the guppy's happy and any algea eater that would go well?( I seem to remember that the algea eaters may need a much larger tank.. )


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The old way of doing it was 1" of fish to 1 gallon of  water, you must base the fish size on a full grown fish.  if you get the 20 gallon a true SAE algea eater would do ok in it, or instead (my choice) would be a few Otocinclus Catfish. 

This can also change depending on if you have a heavily planted tank, and of course a few other factors.

Hope this helps.  

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