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Cautions on "Moss Walls"


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Just an update for anyone that had been following my post on creating planted walls for tanks.

About 10 days ago I woke up to Taco missing...he was wedged behind the wall panel. I don't know how - only one of the 16 suction cups was detached, but it was enough of a gap for him. Of course I panicked and got him out, he was lethargic, had a torn tail, and it looked like a bad abrasion over 1/3 of his side and operculm. I had to work that day, but had my fiance do an emergency partial water change and started adding salt. By lunch he was over-producing slime and it was hanging off him in streamers. I got some stress coat (I usually use prime) and melafix that night, just in case as I didn't have an anti fungals at home. When I got home and did a good exam it looked like he'd rubbed the thin epidermis off his scales but not lost any, it almost was as if he just rubbed the layer of black pigmented tissue off and all that was left were the silvery scales underneath.

Needless to say I was distraught. I love the little fish, probably more than non-fish people could ever understand. I started doing daily water changes and testing, needed his water to be perfect.

I don't know how much it actually helped  or if it was just time but withing two hours of adding the stress coat his slime streamers seemed reduced, and by morning he didn't look like a snot-monster. So I added that after every water change  But over the next two days I got his salt up to 0.1%. He's been at the concentration now for 10 days.

Gotta say, he's a tough little fish. The torn section of tail died and dropped off, but is already over 50% regrown. The abrasion on his operculm healed in about 4 days, and at this point his side is almost back to normal. And, most surprising to me (other than he survived) is that his wound is healing with the black color intact. I was thinking the scar would be a different color.

I'm just so glad that he doesn't have a wen yet! I can't imagine trying to prevent infection in that.

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone on here that has taught me sooo much about goldfish care this past year.

I wanted to wait until I was more sure that he would live before updating this post. Needless to say, GOLDFISH ARE TROUBLE, and if they can get stuck, they will. Now, all his plants are tied to suction cups and just scattered around, looks more like a jungle than an organized tank, but its (hopefully) Taco-proof!IMG_3128.JPG?width=897&height=672

This is 6 days ago - you can see the scar and some of the white-regrowth on his tail


This is from 4 day ago (its a little blurry)



This is today




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Awww poor baby. I recently had a little issue too with a baby... he somehow got under the gravel vac when I was draining the tank... it has a stocking cap on it but it shredded I guess and his dorsal kinda got sucked into the little area.

You can see a bit of white in front of his dorsal. The scales and some of the skin got sucked off right there but luckily the dorsal didn't break or get injured and he seems okay.

Goldfish don't seen very smart. They do risky things that get themselves injured or killed quite often. Any little chance and it's over.

Glad your baby is okay. And your plants look like mine. Just tossed about the tank.

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I'm glad yours wasn't hurt too bad! It seems that at night Taco's new favorite activity is unsticking the suction cups. I wake up to at least 4 of the plants stuck to the filter intakes or floating at the top every morning.  Oh well, at least he can't hurt anything doing that

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