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Sick fish for months, need help


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3 minutes ago, Arctic Mama said:

From the side it’s easier to see if there is swelling in the belly of the fish that looks tight, like a little submarine instead of soft and curvy. 

I do recommend trying to find antibiotics via mail order if this happens again, I know it’s tricky though. I’m sorry and I wish I could help more. Epsom salt at 1/2 tsp per ten gallons can reduce the swelling temporarily to keep the fish more comfortable, but euthanasia is the best option once appetites start to wane or the fish seems to dart or hide.

Interesting, I see what you mean by the belly swelling now. I'll look into it for the future, thank you for all your help regardless of the bad outcome :) 

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I’m sorry it wasn’t better news, dropsy is tough even with antibiotics. I had a virus I couldn’t beat in my tank for months causing random dropsy and death and it’s just cruddy. But I’m glad to help and if you need more assistance please start a new thread and @ me :)

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