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HELP! I found my Oranda stuck in the powerhead filter, & surprisingly still alive! 😭 She's in a hospital tank with airstone, heater (28C), Methylene blue & put pink salt in it (cuz before this happened I suspected she may be sick). What do I do?


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Hi everyone! I am newbie here. I currently I have jumped into this hobby about a month ago and it's been crazy and stressful bcus I wasn't the one who adopted these fishies that I have at home but I care for them a lot! I might explain more later at the end of the post hehe. Newbie here and trying my best!

Disclaimer: This will be a long post I think 😅 I genuinely need help cuz I don't have anyone else to talk to about goldfish and has a good amount of knowledge on it. 

I kind of asked this similar question in Quora and I did get responses but most of them didn't reply back when I explained my situation. So I will share it to you guys so you get the context of my situation. This person has the questions you probably have before you opened this post heh... btw this incident happened on Oct 3, 2021 around 5am when I was up late. So it's been 3 days now.

Someone answered to my question with this: 


Hang on. Need to figure out what your goldfish is sick with. Are there any other fish in the tank? What are the tank specs? Is there a heater in the main tank? If not I wouldn't start heating the hospital tank without reason. Stop adding “pink salt”. It doesn't have magical properties. It's just salt with impurities. What I would do is get a testing kit and start doing more frequent water changes.

And I replied back with this:


First of all, thank you for replying back, I really appreciate it!

Well I’m not entirely sure what my fish was sick with but I noticed she started getting lethargic in the night after I fed the fish some minced garlic for the first time. But I wasnt sure if she was just sleeping so I thought to wait the next day to see if the symptoms continue.

Yes there are other fish in the tank and all of them are young; 1 Red cap oranda, 1 pearlscale, 2 black moors, and 1 Shubunkin (now I know this species shouldn’t be with the rest of them but I wasn’t the one who bought these fish, my parents did without any warning, I do plan to sell/give it away). So 6 of them in a 33gal (128L) tank. It may be because they’re overcrowded? They all get along well as far as I have observed. But again it wasnt my fault for buying these fish. My parents just bought them out of nowhere and it seems they dont put in the effort to care for them enough to really be aware of what goldfish are susceptible of except for me. Trust me, I spent a whole month of September researching on how to care for goldfish while trying to stay on my parents’ budget cuz like what was the point of buying them if they were just gonna die? 😕

I have a young Oranda named Jellybean, she’s small so that’s why she was able to fit at the bottom of the powerhead. Here is a photo of her I took a month ago:


Yes there is a heater in the main tank at 26C I know it should be lower but I am doing that for now to kill any parasites that may be in the tank.

I knew someone would judge me for using himalayan pink salt (I made sure it was natural too, plus i also tried sea salt and it has worked for me too) but I’ve used this a couple of times to help treat my fish and in fact, it saved one of them from dying. So I’m sorry if it looks like I am “breaking the rules” just to save my fish. Aquarium salt isn’t sold here locally as far as I’ve seen and I can’t afford some right now but maybe I can save up. I’m broke and jobless ok lol I’m trying my best here 😭 Again, it worked for me for all the times I’ve used it to treat my fish and I put it immediately as a preventative cuz I dont have any aquarium salt or epsom salt (which I may buy later) to help her. I’m really trying my best with much research I’ve done for the fish, it was risky bcus i couldnt afford aquarium salt and they didn’t sell it in the local fish stores here, so I took that risk and hoped for the better, a couple of articles even said pink salt was ok.

I heated the hospital tank cuz now I am both treating not only her injury but also any possible parasites that caused her to feel sick. Btw I also added Methylene blue to prevent any infection to get into her wound. I kind of followed a method that I’ve seen on youtube that worked for someone so I thought to try it out: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=61l7UsNQL20

I wasn’t sure what she was sick of that’s why I wanted to wait a day to see if her symptoms would continue. But sadly, I guess she was too weak and got sucked up in the filter. She was staying still at the bottom of the tank and seemed lethargic to me. It was my dad’s fault because he removed the tube/pipe to prevent big debris from getting inside the powerhead, I thought it would be fine. He removed it cuz it was making the waterflow weak to push through the canister filter, though I kept asking him we should buy a new and better one 😕 it can only work better in a smaller tank like 50–60L and currently it’s in a 128L (33gal) tank. I took this picture bcus I thought she was dead, and so that I could show proof to my dad that we need a better powerhead as well:


This was her when I took her out:


Her mouth was agape and her right eye sunken :((

But thankfully she is currently recovering now and is swimming actively!


By test kits do you mean like API Freshwater test kit?? If only I could afford them!! They’re super expensive 😭💀 but I will try to earn some money to just have enough materials to have a good prevention from any sicknesses, accidents and injuries.

Further advice from you would be appreciated ❤️


I can’t afford any vet check ups either and it doesnt look like there are any fish vets locally in my area but probably in some far off place. So again, I am trying my best to do research and watch videos on fish. It has stressed me out cuz I do care for these species of fish that I actually never taken care of. So its all a learning process, I’ll try to get better and it’s beginning to make me love the aquarium hobby more.

Anyway, currently it is the second day since incident and she is currently alive and well, her sunken eye from the pull of the powerhead is now turning back to normal as you’ve seen in the pictures (thank God) and so idk how long I should isolate her... maybe a week?

I’m really the only one who takes initiative to learn how to care for them and I dont want them to die. It’s a long story ugh, but yeah it was super stressful for me bcus this was my first time having goldfish. All of them are young since they’re sold cheap in the market. Since there six of them, I know that's overcrowded, though all of them are not fully grown yet and are young. So again, I plan to sell or giveaway in the future. For now they're all in one tank cuz we have only one filter 😕 I just wish my parents were more responsible and done more research first for it.

That's pretty much it from what I wanted to show you guys from Quora. 

Me and my 12 y/o sister really prayed that she would live cuz we really thought she was dead we were both awake that time trying to rush her to a quarantine tank. This experience has been traumatizing for me especially as a newbie. I feel stressed out cuz I'm not super experienced when it comes to treating an injured fish, especially under a budget. All the medications people suggest are usually expensive or unavailable at the local stores. I have treated my whole tank before with sea salt for a week or two bcus of a white spot outbreak and I didn't have any medications on hand at that time and it worked! :D 

The first day I used the Aquadene Anti-white spot medication which is basically Methylene blue, right? lol then I only fed a little amount of food, temperature was on 28C just to kill any possible external parasites. 

The second day I didn't feed her, I only changed 50% of the water then add a bit of pink salt, then instead of the anti-white spot, I used the Sera baktopur which also has methylene blue but the liquid is green and it was for removing bacterial infection, and good for medicating sores on skin. I didn't feed her the whole day in case the reason why she was sick is cuz of something internal. 

On the third day of medicating her, I noticed that Jellybean either had ammonia burn marks or just scars from her injury cuz it seems most of the black marks are on her head. T_T Is this expected? Cuz I immediately did a 100% water change. What can I do to help her heal from this? I also lowered the temperature to 26C, I used sea salt instead of pink salt since it seemed like the closest/same ingredient to aquarium salt. My sister also said she looked like she did an science experiment and it exploded 😂


On the fourth day, I gave her some green peas in her diet (also to the rest of the ones in the main tank) :) I also lowered the temperature to 24C. I combined the two medications I was using.

It's the fifth day of treating her, I have done water changes since the beginning, and also because I don't have an extra filter. I just stuck with treating her with the Sera baktopur and sea salt, though the black spots haven't gone away, but she is very agile and seems interactive, so I'm really hoping she'll get stronger, she's too young to die! I have also been giving her some more food now. Any advice when I should put her back in the main tank?

Oh and also, I was able to drop the temperature for the main tank to 22-24 degrees. It's hard to get it a bit lower and to maintain it at that throughout the day cuz I live in like a desert country and it gets super hot here but thankfully winter is coming soon here so hopefully that will help with the colder temperatures for the water. 

I'm sorry if anything of what I did triggered any of you lol pls correct me if I did something wrong. I would appreciate that ^_^ 

-you can stop reading from here if you don't wanna read an extra story-

Anyway, this is just the beginning of my fish care journey. I have had pet fishes of different species for around a decade like bettas, algae eaters, neon tetras, tin foil barbs, harlequin rasbora, and other common popular freshwater fishes. And honestly since I was younger back then, I never really cared enough to do research on them, most of them never really lived that long 😕 I realized I've had more pet fishes than cats actually (I've owned around 20 in my lifetime and 5 currently LOL) I'm sorry for the irresponsibility (but I guess that's a reflection on how much my parents paid attention to the fish) 😢 but I'm thankful that I really "woke up" bcus of the traumatic experience I've had from the amount of fish I had that died within a week or two (2 tinfoils and 3 goldfishes). 

I finally did so much research for these goldies so that my parents can also stop wasting their money from buying new fish every time one of them dies smh. And that I can be a good steward to take care of God's creation too, they're so beautiful lol 

So far I found out my dad owned goldfishes back in the Philippines and I thought he'd have more knowledge on it but I guess not. But I can see he does care about them a little more than my mom does lol It's sometimes hard for me to even let them listen to me when I educate them with what I've researched for the fish. For example my dad kept telling me I should just put Jellybean back in the main tank even though she wasn't fully recovered. Another example is when when my parents and I went to the pet store for aquarium products (finally! I begged them enough) and I remember telling mom and dad that before buying another fish, if ur gonna pick a fish in the shop it should be the one with the best condition and if there is one sick fish along with other fishies that look like they arent sick, dont pick from that tank. Guess what? They did the exact opposite of what I advised them! 🤣😭😞 Then I wasn't able to quarantine them for 2 weeks or a month, but only for a week because we didn't have an extra filter, all I could do was give them some medication and aerate it. Then we transferred all of them to the 33gal cuz they all used to be in the 13gal. But yeah this was another reason why I was so stressed with taking care of the fish cuz my parent's didn't understand me enough nor did their research :))))) But I always try to butt in information to them when given the chance. 

Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes and so we didn’t do the precautions we needed to do :(( so that’s one of the main reasons why a lot of our fish died and even last year why most of the fighting fishes died (literally around 20 of them ) Again, I didn’t choose them, but my dad did cuz he got them for free lol so nxjdndjdn

I’m finally growing to learn that we should care for our fishies as much as we care for cats and dogs. They’re amazing creatures. And these goldfishes are too cute man and I definitely want to see them grow bigger 😭😭❤❤❤😭 Sorry for the long post but I thought to share it :-)) Thanks to anyone who'd give feedback pls don't hate me haha...... have a good day everyone ^^ If you wanna see how the rest of how my other fishes look like, you can see it on my first post. God bless :D 


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Guess I'm going on my own on this haha no one replied lol 😅

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:hi and :welcome

Please copy & paste the following form and fill it out to the best of your ability when requesting help for Goldfish Problems:


Test Results for the Following:

 Ammonia Level(Tank)

 Nitrite Level(Tank)

 Nitrate level(Tank)

 Ammonia Level(Tap)

 Nitrite Level(Tap)

 Nitrate level(Tap)

 Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)

 Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)

Other Required Info:

 Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops?

 Water temperature?

 Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running?

 What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)?

 How often do you change the water and how much?

 How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change?

 How many fish in the tank and their size?

 What kind of water additives or conditioners?

 What do you feed your fish and how often?

 Any new fish added to the tank?

 Any medications added to the tank?

 List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank.Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment.

 Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus?

 Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.?

"If copy and paste doesn't work for you, quote this post and put your answers after each question."

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