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I found this forum 2 days ago, I think it's awesome!

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Hi everyone! I am new here and I am overwhelmed on how this site works lol but hopefully I get the hang of it? Is there a help section or guide so I can learn how to explore this forum? thanks! 

Let me introduce myself, I am Kayla, 21 y/o, a Filipina living in the UAE, currently I have jumped into this hobby about a month ago and it's been crazy and stressful bcus I wasn't the one who adopted the fishies that I have at home but I care for them a lot! Newbie here and trying my best! 

I will also be posting something later (in the "Sick Fish? Need Help?" topic) cuz I really need the information I can get and it's gonna be long but I thought to post this first to say Hi :D But I'm grateful to be able to come across this forum. I don't have anyone else to talk to about goldfishes who really know what they're doing.

Here are some of my goldies!

Megamind, a baby oranda, 1.5 inches idk how old he is


Motee, a young pearlscale, she's sooo cute!



Jellybean, a baby oranda, I think she's a bit bigger than Megamind hh



Rascal, a young shubunkin, I might have to give him away some day cuz he's a fast swimmer



Stevie, a black moor with only one eye on his left! He's the coolest! I wonder if he lost his right eye or was born without it



Wonder, a young black moor, who came along with Stevie haha



This is how small they are compared with my hand next to themIMG_9894.thumb.JPG.92533b2a5c677b511f99b18f23a26030.JPG


But anyway, cheers! I hope they'll live a looonggg time hehe

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Hey they do look very cute. We have a sections for about every thing goldfish. Plus there is a search button at the top.

Have you read our general guidelines on raising goldfish? 


I am glad you found us. Yes big forums can be overwhelming. But we will try and help you out as best as we can 🤗

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