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My new Ranchu

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43 minutes ago, mjfromga said:


I got these two scrawny puny little shrimp from PetSmart. Been here about a week now, took this video the second day they were here - so far they've both been hungry active fish.

Like $4 or so per fish. If they die - I don't lose much. I gave them a chance at least. If they make it through quarantine - great. I'll toss them in one of my systems and hope they thrive like the others.

I've been in your position where costly fish have been sick from the jump and died within a week or two of me getting them - so sometimes I take my chances with these dinks. I'm not a breeder and sometimes the smallest ugliest fish can grow into a beauty.

I've had fish like that. I put them in my pond and 12 months later they were like koi

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