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Hello friends,

I have been carrying for goldfish for almost a decade. I’ve had everything from orandas, butterfly telescopes, and ryukins. I have loved the hobby and the ponds I’ve had over the years. However, due to life changes, I no longer have the time to continue providing the best care to my remaining ryukin. Over the last few years my community has dwindled from 7 to 1. And I feel so bad for this remaining ryukin that it’s living alone when he/she has always had buddies and been a social little guy. I’m trying to rehome him/her. If any one is near the Long Beach, CA area and would like to take this fish, please reach out. No charge, just the pick up. 

This fish is all orange and about 5in. 


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I'd suggest posting on Craigslist for someone who has an active pond that may be able to accommodate your fish.  You'd also get to check out their setup upon delivery.

Good Luck!

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