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Nitrites spiking randomly

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Ammonia (tank/tap): 0/0

Nitrite (tank/tap): usually 0/0

Nitrate (tank/tap): 10 / 5

pH (tank/tap): 7.4 / 7.4

kH (tank/tap):

gH (tank/tap): hard, I think 250ish ppm from water report - I don't test this


My tank (40B with 1 fish, now about 1.5 inches) has been set up since July. After some ups and downs with cycling and such I thought I was done. I have been testing for ammonia / nitrite / nitrate every 2-3 days. For the past few weeks I didn't get any nitrite at all, (or a slight purple tinge to the test by day 7 right before I'm doing the weekly water change anyway). Nothing has changed other than I've been feeding less food as I think that was causing some water issues early on, but suddenly today my nitrite was at 1.0 - it was 0 Monday night, and I'd done a 100% water change on Saturday like I do every week. Ammonia was 0 and nitrate was closer to the 10 color.

Of course I immediately did another water change. I even pulled the media bags out of the filter and rinsed them (in tank water) just to make sure no decomposing stuff was stuck somewhere - there really wasn't an abnormal amount of crud in the filter or anywhere in the tank, It;s bare bottom too, so nothing could be hiding.

Luckily Shimi was fine and shows no signs of stress from that, but I don't know how to prevent it other than going back to daily testing

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That is very unusual! Something must have caused a filter bump, if it’s not coming from your tap.

Continue monitoring the nitrite and you can dose meth blue at 1 teaspoon per ten gallons while the nitrite is up, it is protective to the fish’s blood chemistry and gills :) 1 teaspoon per gallon of aquarium safe salt is also protective against nitrite poisoning.

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Thanks, still trying to figure it out. I did a 100% water change Wed and then Thursday night the test was showing slight purple again, not dark enough to match the 0.25mark, so i did a 50% change. Friday night it was 0. I will see what it is tonight.

Ammonia has been a solid 0 this whole time.

I even double checked the tap water and it is also 0ammonia / 0 nitrite

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