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? Hexamita


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My ranchu, Rosie, has had white pimple like growths on her wen for over a week. These come & go and I thought it was normal wen growth. Today, I noticed that she has a red lesion on her wen. I’m afraid it might be hexamita. She is eating normally, but seems slightly isolative. I will include a pic of the lesion. 

Tank Parameters:

65 gal tank with 4 small/med ranchu and 1 Japanese trapdoor snail. There are live plants and a sand substrate. The tank has been running for about 18 months. No new additions except a few plants that were dipped in a bleach solution and quarantined before adding to the tank. 

pH= 8.2(stable), Ammo=0, Nitrite=0, Nitrate= 5. KH=11 drops(normal), GH= 20 drops(normal). 

I do 25-30% water changes every other day. I feed a variety of foods: Rapashy Super Gold 2x/day, fresh veggies, frozen blood worms/daphnia/brine shrimp as snacks, Hikari Fancy GF pellets occasionally. 

I use Prime or Ultimate conditioner. 

If this is Hexamita, how do I treat it?  I have a variety of meds- ParaGuard, salt, Furan-2, Maracyn, General Cure, Kanaplex, Metroplex, Ich-x. I haven’t used anything but ParaGuard 2 days last week(seemed to help). 

Thanks for your help!






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Hi there :) no new additions in that long? It could be hexamita but it’s unlikely. More likely your garden variety bacterial cyst popping. They happen occasionally. Best treatment for now is putting her in a hospital tank with meth blue. It’s antiseptic and gentle, and you can dose it while watching for any other symptoms of a bigger infection. But usually those pimples are isolated occurrences.

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does not look like hexamita. keep your water conditions ideal, the previous mentioned treatment is fine. sometimes little particles in the water column get caught in the wen of fish. So long as these pimples do not increase in size or redness I would not worry about this.

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