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General Hardness and keeping tank clean

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Since having the tanks set up I have noticed that the lime scale is constantly building up on the walls in the tank, on the leaves of the plants, and every other surface that the water is in contact with. I haven't gotten my full api kit yet, but out general hardness is 303 ppm or 17.1 dGH as per my water bill for the past month lol.

I'm having to use a sponge and clean the walls and floor of the tank to remove the grit on a weekly basis or the glass starts to look cloudy. Is there anything to help this or is it just going to be a maintenance thing? I'd rather have to clean the glass more often than to have to do any complicated water additives that affect the pH and other chemistry.  

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Unfortunately it pretty much is just a maintenance thing. Sometimes adding plants and peat can help make the water softer and more acidic and assist with the uptake of those minerals, but that’s not ideal for stability. I’d just grin and bear it unless you’re willing to experiment with augmenting the chemistry on an ongoing basis.

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