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Fantail goldfish always at bottom corner


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I have a fancy (fantail) goldfish which I kept in a 200G along with two iridescent shark, a turtle and a carp mix breed. Recently the carp started showing aggression towards the goldfish and tore its tail pretty badly. So I moved to fantail to the 25G to save it from bullying.

there are white spots now in the tail. Is this fin rot or new growth ?

Ever since the shift the fantail goldfish is mostly present in the bottom corner, below the filter (pics included). It used to swim around in the larger 200g even though it was being bullied by the larger fish. Even when I put it in the 200G for the first time it was pretty active. Though it does swim around sometimes but as soon as someone approaches the tank it darts back to the corner. And when I put in food it eats it normally (video)

differences between the two tanks:
size : new tank 20g old tank 200g
tank mates: new- alone, old- two iridescent shark, a turtle and a carp mix breed (carp was bullying the goldfish pretty bad)
old tank was not planted new tank is high tech planted (java fern, java moss, anubias, ludwigia repens)
temperature: old 28c new 26c
Cycling: old tank was cycled new is cycling could not wait for cycle to complete because of bullying. two 50% water changes every week. (Added cycled media from old tank and using stability)
Ammonia: old 0ppm new 0.25 just before water change
nitrate: old 10-30 ppm new 20-40 ppm
water source is same for both which has nitrate of about 5-10 ppm but is the only available option.

Are the white spots fin rot and not new growth?

Should I start using stronger medication (kanaplex + furan2). I am already using paraguard.
Is this Behavior just new tank shyness or something more severe? What can I do to help? Will a bigger tank/tankmate help?


video link: 












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:hi and :welcome

It looks to me like the fins are repairing themselves. I would keep up on the water changes. If it starts to get bumpy looking. Then I would think of adding some Medication to the tank. :) 

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Ammonia: old 0ppm new 0.25 just before water change
nitrate: old 10-30 ppm new 20-40 ppm-
-What type of test are using test strips or liquid form?-- Ammonia should always be zero and nitrates should always be under 30 ppm.  What are your ph and nitrite levels

Keeping large iridescent sharks and a turtle is not a good idea with fantails. They cannot compete with the aggressiveness of those two. The turtle will eventually view the goldfish as a food source.

I see that you are feeding flakes. This is a horrible food source for goldfish. Invest in a good gel food.

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