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Water changes questions

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I'm in the middle of a water change that is overdue.  I took out a bunch of water of the tank first.


I did try to clean off the exposed glass with an aquarium only sponge and some paper towels.  I'm thinking next time I go to dollar tree to get more.


Currently I only have 4 buckets; one big and three small.  I'm thinking of getting another 5 gal bucket at Walmart. IMG_20210724_133422.thumb.jpg.d501987b11ec717ecc161605d4f3daa2.jpg

It isn't to hoard buckets but because a 5 gallon bucket fills the tank faster than a small bucket, I think.


I used prime to prepare the water and buckets since I don't have any dirty only or clean only buckets.  Would that be a good idea.


I also add aquarium salt to the buckets when the water is warm.  It is one Tbsp, half tbsp, 1 tsp and one half tsp to each respective bucket.  That makes it 2 tablespoons total and since my aquarium doesn't have any salt in it now it brings it to the recommended amount for twenty gallons. What is the best way to calculate how much salt is needed for next water change if 1 tbsp is recommended for ten gallons of water.

Also how do I start a water changing schedule which is good for me and also my fish friends?

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You don’t need the aquarium salt unless you’re dealing with or preventing bacterial infection, or there’s nitrite present.

Your idea water change schedule will depend on your stocking level. 😊

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