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Someone please weigh in about this new feature on my fish


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IMG_8792.thumb.JPG.f2c5caf0f60b34fd1c5c462a1c2801d1.JPGAristotle developed this sac around the bottom of his right eye. Anyone ever seen this? Any vets here diagnose based on these photos? He has been living alone in a 55 gallon tank for years happily but this suddenly came about.

Water always excellent and consistent

pH around 8

hardness well within goldfish range

ammonia, nitrite and nitrates all 0 

diurnal light regularly 

food varied Hikari and freeze dried daphnia.

Could it be some bacteria could be transmitted through the freeze dried daphnia?? i don't even know if it's an infection at all. There are no sharp edges in the aquarium, i doubt it's an injury.


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it appears to be non disease related providing that your water parameters are excellent. It appears to be a similar effect that occur in bubble eyes and frog head goldfish.  Many imported Chinese fish are cross bred with bubble eye/frog heads  for reasons I do not understand. It is a recessive trait that occurs in some orandas.It is an extension of the the wen growth covering the head. For now I would just observe and I would not medicate at this time.If you notice an actual distortion of the eye itself please report that back to us.

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