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How much to feed fancy goldfish?


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Right now, for 6 fancy goldfish, I feed 4x a day, repashy gel food when I wake up, bloodworms late morning, pellets noon, veggies afternoon.  Is this good?

Another question I have is how many bloodworm cubes can my 6 goldfish eat?

Last thing is, what veggies do your goldies eat?  Mine love peas, and mostly peas, they dont really like any other vegetable i give them, although they may eat a little bit of the other veggies, but not a lot.

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Hi Maxwell09!

It sounds like you're feeding your fancy goldfish a nice variety of food! Do you have any photos of them to share here?

I find that if I feed my fish too much repashy gel food or too many bloodworms at once, my fish won't be able to eat it all, so the food ends up floating to the bottom and muddying up the water in his tank, and I eventually have to use the net to remove the uneaten food. I'm not sure how that works in a pond...

So if you have a lot of leftover food floating around a few minutes after feeding, you might be feeding them too much.

My ranchu loves shelled peas, but only small bits at a time. I hand-feed him peas and blood worms maybe once a month, as special treats. His main food is the repashy gel food and Omega One pellets. I've also tried feeding him red leaf lettuce a couple of times, but he just nibbles at the edges of it. Hope this helps!

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I dont really have leftover food and if I do i usually net it out (since the pond is only 2 ft deep)  My goldfish love peas too and love their repashy gel food in the morning!



Here are my photos

unnamed (3).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg


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