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Did 100% water change but now water is too hot

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My tank is currently at 100° F but the goldies are in a five gallon bucket with air stone.  They are probably so angry but the water is too hot for them.

I noticed no matter how many water changes and filter cartridges changes, the water stays dirty.

I totally emptied my tank and put my friends into the big bucket. 


How can I get the water cooler.  Other than waiting.  I didn't clean off the filter's biowheel and still have a filter cartridge that can be put back into filter after water cools down.  I hope it can put some good bacteria back to the water.

Just checked my friends.  They are okay but miffed.


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…. How did it get so hot? Municipal tap water, even in places like Palm Springs or Tucson, doesn’t usually get above 80 degrees or so.

In terms of water cleanliness, don't over-clean! Tossing filter cartridges instead of just knocking out the solids and rinsing them quickly in tank water can cause cycle bumps, and those cycle bumps can cause things like cloudy water and algae blooms. Generally speaking your tank water should get fairly clear within about two days of a water change and lights off. If it doesn’t, we need to start testing the water chemistry and figure out what is going awry.

you should be absolutely fine returning the cartridge and bio wheel - keep those running, the hotter water won’t do much damage as long as it is dechlorinated. 

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I don't know how the tap water got to be a hundred something.  I did return the cartridge and did a water change of about 4 gallons with tap water cold water.

I also got about 4 gallons of tap water waiting for me to do another change.

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The water temperature is back to normal and within good levels.


Main thing is the fish seem happier this morning and look like they made it through okay.


That is Loki.


And Mr. Summers.


They are enjoying their swim.


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