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Tiny red spot

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48 minutes ago, Arctic Mama said:

Never run carbon again unless we tell you to :) it’s almost useless in a healthy tank, and the big water change is definitely sufficient to remove the prazi. I’m glad it shipped to you so quickly!

Thank you, I had no idea i kinda taught myself fish keeping through YouTube and no one told me it wasn’t needed. I guess a couple years ago people used it more. And yes I’m glad I got the medication my big oranda (Ohshi) seems to be doing better that red spot turned into a small white spot then completely disappeared before even getting the medication. The spots on his rays are still there but they seem too have diminished slightly from the first round of prazi. He didn’t seem to bottom sit too much during the first round of prazi he did flick his fins a little bit during treatment. Thank you so much for all your help I was starting to feel like I was at a loss. I’m so glad he is doing better it gives me hope that I can add more fish when they are completely healthy. 

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Just remember you can and should run prazi annually on all your goldfish. It is harmless to them but very helpful for controlling Gill flukes, which do tend to proliferate over time. I’m so glad things are looking better. 

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