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My fish has eggs (I think)


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Hi everyone!

I was posting about my goldfish a few weeks ago when I was worried about the clouding of its eyes. Well it's still behaving and eating just find except that when it's at rest, it starts floating tail up basically 90 degrees straight up and down. Lo and behold, its belly is distended on the right side just above the vent. The protruding area is very squishy to the touch. So, my questions are:

1. Is it definitely eggs or could it be constipation or something awful. I already fed some shelled peas.
2. Is it fairly normal for the fish to be straight up and down when at rest if she has eggs.

3. How can I help her spawn them or reabsorb them without trouble!? I see on the internet some say raise temperature, some say add salt or epsom, some say to fast the fish. And I see lots of videos making it look easy to hand spawn the fish, but it's probably not that easy is it! How can I tell if and when she needs a helping hand?





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It is not a good thing she is resting straight up and down. Most goldfish will rest in the vertical position.

Do you have a thread in the D&D area? Sick fish? 

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it WAS eggs! Been massaging the area every couple days and finally a bunch of eggs squirted out. Can't believe it. Finally know for sure it's a girl lol.

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