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Goldfish Island

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Goldfish Island is an online retailer of imported fish. They are located in Staughton, Massachusetts. They do not have a store that is open to the public.

I've had 2 separate orders from them, and I am very happy with my experience so far. My first fish came to me happy and healthy, she has been doing great. She did get ich and fin rot after a couple of weeks but that had to do with a cycle crash in my system. She is a beautiful ranchu and I think shes perfect. My second fish came to me with slightly raised scales and fin rot, and I was issued a refund for her almost immediately after sending them pictures. They stand by their fish and their quality and that much was proven to me as they were very concerned this happened. I didn't ask for a refund either and they offered one right away.

They treat for parasites in their facilities, which not everyone does. They have a live on arrival and 7 day health guarantee and their customer service is fantastic. I know it may be weird to give a good review when I did receive a sick fish, but the way they handled the situation and the quality of my other fish makes me think this wasn't the norm. The sick fish has also been doing well though she isn't out of the woods just yet. There is always a risk when you're buying fish online, but I think they are great. I should note, I did pick these fish up locally.

I will always advocate for the fastest shipping means possible when purchasing fish online, and for now, avoiding USPS shipping. USPS can take up to 2 weeks to deliver priority mail (even if you paid for 2-3 day shipping) and the last time I shipped fish through USPS it took 3 days and they both died within 5 days, one the next morning. I have seen many delays in my USPS mail and its to be expected with COVID happening.

Overall, I would give them 4 out of 5 stars.


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2 minutes ago, spider man said:

their fish look nice and healthy but when you deal with imports you deal with the unknown... I am glad you had a good experience

Yeah that’s why I’m glad they offer a guarantee and treat for parasites. I think they might quarantine but not sure.

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