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Kitty Thread


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Briar wants in, she thinks she’s a cat. :doh11:

Then my boyfriends 3 gorgeous pe(s)ts! :heart






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On 5/31/2021 at 4:29 PM, heckittie said:

The cats do reign supreme, except when face to face with my parrot who terrorizes them :lol3

:rofl the parrot that out ranks everyone else. Now that humorous lol 

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Here is Fifi, she used to be my Aunt's cat, now she lives with me. 


She is fluffy, but it ain't all fluff . . . she is tubby!  (And yes, her leg is hanging off the bed!)


This is Guv, she was found as a tiny kitten, in a bush, with a broken leg.  Now she is about 16 years old and loves to run up and down the stairs.


Those are my current cat-babies, but I'm looking to add a 3rd to our family! 

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Fifi Looks alot like my Mrs. Kitty. Ill dig up a photo. She passed away 2 years ago :(

Guv is impressive to have come all this way to a ripe age of 16 :O


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