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Siphon suddenly stops working

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I got an aquarium siphon from Walmart.  I decided today was a good time for a water change.  I got a 12 quart bucket and I think a five gallon bucket ready to use to replace the water I took out.  I'm using two buckets from dollar tree to put the dirty water in. 

I was able to fill the two buckets with the siphon.  I stopped the siphon so I can dump out the dirty water so I could do a second round.

I came back to my aquarium to do a second round of siphoning the water.  Now the siphon refuses to work.

I put the water from the 12 qt bucket into the aquarium so I can turn the filter back on.

This is the siphon;


The pink towel is my fish towel and you can see the two black buckets from dollar tree.

I'm going to try the water change this afternoon or tomorrow.  I don't know what is causing the siphon to stop working all of a sudden.

It won't start a stream of the dirty water that goes into the bucket.  The vacuum part empties before I could start the flow.


I would show you in photos of what happens but it is hard to siphon and photograph it at the same time.


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DID you submerge the whole hose and siphon in the tank then hold the end of the hose and put it in the bucket. That should make it work. Simple gravity :) 

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As Koko said try submerging it but try and get all the air out. Some siphons also have mechanisms where you kinda shake them but they’re usually a pita and don’t work half the time!

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