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Any Canadian Prairie Pond keepers

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:gfish: Hello Canuck Pond enthusiasts! 

I'm so excited that April is here and the ice and snow are gone. Soon the summer season will be upon us and I can start up the pumps to the waterfalls and buy some flowering water plants. The fish in the pond are fine and coming out of hibernation. But my questions are more about the water plants. What grows good here? I hate wasting a bunch of money on annuals for one season... unless of course they are really showy and special. I think I may have a perennial water lily that is coming back from last year?! Is there such a thing in central Alberta?? This is my first pond so I'm anxious to learn all about them as I just bought this property and moved in during the onset of winter. The pond is roughly 750 gallons. I still have the aerators and heater running that were on all winter. I look forward to reading any and all suggestions and comments. 

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