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Second generation hatched


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I am pleased to announce that my baby redcap now at age 13 months , has successfully spawned with parents . 13 months ago I purchased a few red cap oranda and had first spawn at Christmas 2019. Although very small we managed to get about a dozen to grow out. Now the biggest, baby fry has produced a few eggs .with her parents.These hatched 20 January and at todays count about 25. Pictured are Big Baby 1 (f1) and some of her parents. Small ones are siblings that never grew very big.





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They look great! There are always some differences in growth, but I think the spawn looks wonderfully healthy. Older fish tend to produce bigger offspring too, for some reason. So as your fish age their spawns may improve in size and hardiness too :)

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Fry in hatch tank at age day 3 ( eggs were 20 jan). They begin to search tank walls for food. Count is now about 30 +. I am happy will this as it is just for fun and no longer seek or need high hatch numbers.Pictured as they swim about and begin to feed.



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On 1/30/2021 at 1:29 PM, FishyMandy said:

Aw yay i love seeing fry grow up

That is exactly what I said before I read your statement. lol

I miss seeing those eyes.

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