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Meet Rufus & Goldie

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:hiJust wanted to pop in and introduce our family's newest pets...Rufus and Goldie.   My children have been asking to get our tank set up for awhile now, and I finally gave in.  We had fancies several years ago but took about a 5 year hiatus when our youngest came along.  The tank is a simple 29 gallon with 2 Aquaclear 50's on back.  No real plants for me...as I have a "brown" thumb.  :rofl So please don't tease about my fake plants. :teehee 

The fish seem to be adjusting.  Goldie (the fantail) seemed to be the alpha of the tank until today.  Now Rufus (Black Moor) is chasing her all around, and I'm not sure if we have mating behavior or what?!?  :idont

I'm doing daily w/c and praying for quick tank cycling.  Good news is that my 12 yo is interested in helping. :nana




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6 hours ago, Acro said:

Cute littles!  I like how you kept that veto power over the names.  lol

I should have.....now I got one named Goldfish and the girl is Zachariah lol🤣

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