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Help with Black Moor white growth and fin rot


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Please help. My Black Moor has white growths that do not look indicative of Ich or any other photos I've seen. My ammonia is high despite partial water changes. I'm treating with Tetra Tetra lifeguard at the moment as API Melafix and Pimafix didnt seem to help. He is in a 30 gal tank and planning to move him to a 55 gal soon. 

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Lets see:

We have very high ammonia in the tank? 4.0

We have very high Nitrates? 20.0

and the Ph is at 6?

I dont see your filtration on your charts. Also can you please take a full tank shot. Also test your tap water.


We need to get that ph up. A ph of 6.0 will burn the fish and I can see it is burning the fish. Also the ammonia is burning the fish. I'm very surprised that its not leaning over. 

So we need to know your filtration/s also I would like you to do a test. Take a jug 1 gallon if you can, fill it with tap water test it and let it sit for 24 hours then test it again. I would also get your KH tested. If your KH is to low it will lower the ph over time.

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