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Aquarium Rack or Shelving System?


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I'm looking to buy a shelving or rack system for my aquariums from Home Depot or Lowes, etc.
The setup will be like this:

What are some rack or shelving systems that you use (or would use) for something like this?


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I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work, just make sure the shelves are level before filling your tanks with water.

I had a similar setup on a smaller scale with Gorilla Rack stands to house a 30 gallon breeder and a combination of 20 gallon longs  and 10 gallon tanks.  What I found from personal experience are the the racks at the very top are a bit of a pain to siphon and gravel vac properly so for me, those tanks were bare bottomed.  A good step stool is a must.  :).  Though water changes were a breeze because all the tanks are in one spot, it grew tiresome and I found myself looking/enjoying those tanks less and less.  Instead of the fibreboard shelves on the Gorilla Rack, I removed the fibreboard piece and replaced it with 1/2" thick plywood painted with marine paint.  Those racks you referenced don't use fibreboard racks, so they should be fine, but I prefer a solid base for looks and utility instead of a wire rack.

I had a couple of 6 foot 125 gallon tanks built on a pine stand/rack, 4 x 4 posts and 2 x 6 planks.  Very solid and it served me well.  A beast to move around though.  But just make sure that whatever rack or configuration you choose, that you have enough working room above the tank and a good utility pump for the bottom tank for water changes.

I would have loved to play with that Zoomed Boy aquarium though...  :thumbup2:

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