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R.I.P. Popsicle <3

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So the day finally came....Popsicle passed away today :( I brought him home from Petco on September 28th 2014.  Popsicle hasn't been doing too good this past week. He had tumors on the base of his tailfin for a while now. Lately he mostly moved around the bottom of the tank because the tumors were getting big. I had to start hand feeding him his pellets which he eagerly ate and of course like goldfish fashion, always begged for more. Today he had no interest in his pellets at all and didn't even get excited to see my hand holding his pellet or even try to swim over to me. I knew it would be today....not unexpected, but still so sad nonetheless. :( I only have 1 goldfish left out of the 9 that I had. I'm posting a couple of my favorite pictures of Popsicle in his memory. 

Goodbye Popsicle, I'll miss you! :cryDecember 17th, 2020

102_3028 (2).JPG

102_4525 3.jpg

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