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Help please! Flukes? Something else?

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Hi there,

Sorry for the lengthy first post. Novice fish owner here and after some advice.

We recently got a ryukin (or a fantail, my wife and I have debated which he is...), he seemed fine and healthy at first, however last week began flashing (occasional fin shakes and whacking his side against the substrate), and also spending a lot of the time in the bottom corner of the tank with his dorsal fin clamped (breathing, but near-motionless). He also has a bit of a pink hue on his gill plates (one side more than the other), but he has had this since we got him.

We started treating with Prazi on Friday (5 days ago) as we suspected flukes. At first this seemed to work, however on Monday he began flashing again, so I have repeated the dose a few hours ago.

The symptoms still seem to be continuing, and I have noticed some raggedness on fins (tattered edges on his tail and pelvic fins, and possibly some on his pectoral fins).

I have also occasionally been dosing some Melafix (in the hope that it'll reduce the risk of infection if he has any damage from flashing).

I've been testing the water daily, and it seems OK. Looks to be 0 ammonia, 0 Nitrites, PH around 7.5 - 8 (it's difficult to tell with the test kit I have). It's summer here though, and we don't yet have proper air conditioning (coming soon) so the tank is sitting at around 29 Celsius.

He is currently alone in a 60L (around 15 gallon) tank. I've heard that 20 gallons is recommended, so we're hoping to upgrade to something significantly bigger soon so he can have some space and a friend, but waiting until we're sure he's well before doing that.

My questions are:
1) are we right in suspecting flukes, or might this be something else?
2) can flukes cause this kind of damage (almost looks like slight fraying in places) to his fins?
3) is it OK to be treating with melafix and prazi at the same time?
4) is there anything more we can do to help him at this time? Should I be treating with a fin rot treatment as well to help his fins for example? (don't want to make the tank a chemical cocktail though)
5) we could potentially move his tank to a cooler room of the house, however I'm worried doing so in his current state would cause him more stress. Thoughts?


Any help would be hugely appreciated. Don't want my poor fish to suffer. :(

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. 


It does sound like flukes. Id use the prazi + salt.


Salt to 0.3% or 3 grams per litre.  It doesnt have to be aquarium salt, any salt that doesnt have any additives is fine to use.

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