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Lumps, bumps, and LICE!


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Hi there,  I have had goldfish for years and, for the first time ever, found one in a pet store that had lice!  My immediate reaction was to buy it so that I could bring it home and treat it but I have no experience treating lice and decided it was best to leave it and research treatment before purchasing.  

That being said, I took a lot of photos of the fish for reference and after looking they them, I see some other issues that I am not familiar with.  Namely, a bump under the right eye/nostril, and then other lumps on the right side.  Not sure if these are caused by the lice or are other conditions.  Doesn’t look like ick - just bumps.  Fish looks and acts healthy outside of these concerns.  Would really like to give him/her a good home but want to know what I am dealing with and how to treat beforehand.  Any insight is appreciated!




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That could be parasitic or bacterial. If you did get this fish, I would QT it and do a round of Prazi and salt as a first step. Fish lice are a big problem. They can lay there eggs in your tank a keep hatching if you don't kill them really good.

I don't know kinda up to you if you want to spend time and money to save it. 

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Yeah, the bump I wouldn’t worry about so much, but treating for lice is a bit expensive and obnoxious. Generally speaking, you want the healthiest stock possible. Pity purchases and trying to nurse fish back to health can certainly be done, but it is money and stress and often still a shorter life for the animal, as each treatment and infection can run the risk of damaging their bodies long term. If you do buy this one we will help, but expect to purchase praziquantel, dimilin, and furan-2 at a MINIMUM, for the initial quarantine treatment plan.

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