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Hey yall its been a looonnnggg time


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Flukes or worms? If it is worms, fish lice, or other ectoparasites, you’d want to try Dimilin (lice), Levamisole (worms) or Paraguard (for something ecto but unidentified) and they’re all safe during a cycling tank. The Paraguard might slow down or inconvenient back your filter and add time to the cycle, though.

You wouldn’t want to use any of those prophylactically, though. Just for specific symptoms or known exposure. So if you’re thinking of new fish prophylaxis during a fish-in cycle, .3% salt, 78+ degree water, and praziquantel are more typical. Keep the salt constant, but do the prazi in two or three weekly rounds of 4 days prazi, 3 days break. That lets any flukes hatch out to be caught by the next round of prazi :)

Let me know if you need any more specific help and welcome back!

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