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4 new goldfishes and 2 baby snails

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Hi everybody it's been a long time in the last been on here it is I tohru1529. I have some great news and sad news. As she knows 2 years ago I had 4 goldfish name Pearl, Pebbles, jabu jabu, and Angel. I was able to save Pebbles for one more year. Pearl was too sick, to save. She passed away October 1st 2017 she was 1 years old. Pebbles got sick again and I tried to save her but it was too late, she passed away November 15th 2018 she was 7 years old. And you remember angel she was sick and I saved her she was able to live for one more year. She was doing great with jabu-jabu, until one day I went upstairs it was about 2 or 3 oclock in the morning. And I noticed I couldn't find her, I looked in the pots in the tank and she was in there all beat up by jabu jabu. She looks so bad she couldn't swim, her fids were all ripped, her tail was ripped and her one side was beating bad. I had to think quick, I took her out and put her in the sick tank and try to save her but it was too late I was mad at him for beating her up. Angel died December 4th 2018 she was 4 years old. So I said to myself I was stick to one fish for now, he did really well for the two years but he passed away 2 weeks ago but unknown calls, I don't know what happened he just died. He died November 7th 2020 , he was 5 years old. After he passed, I fell into depression I couldn't even look at the tank without having someone to claim me down. My mom, noticed I look sad and not having fishes in the tank so she said let's go to the store and pick out some and I said to her, I  want to get something to clean out the tank like a snail. So me and my brother clean up the tank together, cleaned it out really well. I picked out 4 beautiful goldfishes, + 2 baby snails, their names are Marble, Tohru, Meg, and Ember. The two snails names are Mike Wazowski, and Roz. I did try my best to take photos of them so here are photos of them I hope you enjoy













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