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It was almost 5 years ago I picked out a tiny little 'black comet' from the fish store. I thought she was pretty but didn't think she would stay black, and didn't think she would get bigger than my biggest comet at the time, Tiger, who was about 7 inches.

It didn't take long for her black to darken, and she grew, and grew, and grew.She was so feisty. She loved her food and she would barge through the others to grab it. She hated been handled, hated been caught and hated been moved. She was super hard to catch, and when you did catch her she was super strong and hard to keep hold of, even with a net. The few times I managed to catch her for a photo to show her size she would repay me with a big splash as she swam away.

So, yesterday, when I saw her just hanging out at the surface of the pond, when she didn't react when I touched her, when she let me bring her to the edge of the pond, when she didn't even try to swim away from me. I knew something was wrong. This happened all so fast. There was nothing physically to tell me something was wrong - her scales were flat, she wasn't swollen, there was no discolouration, her colour was as bold and black as ever. But she wasn't good...

I immediately set up a QT tub for her, I chose a dark one because I knew she hated been in a glass tank, she was too used to the pond. And my standard QT tank was too small for her anyway. She let me move her from the pond to the inside QT tub without any protest. She swam around for a little bit in the tub, but a few hours later she was gone :(

I'm so devastated to have lost her. She was one of those fish that just grabs you and you fall in love with.  I was imagining having her for many years to come. She had never had a health issue, she had always been among the strongest and healthiest of my fish. To lose her so suddenly and without warning has been awful :(

SIP My sweet Raven












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