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Oase External Filter suitable?

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I currently have a 300l tank with a All Pond Solution 2000EF rated for a 1000L tank with a flow rate of 2000L/h.

I was watching a youtube channel and came across the Oase Biomaster Filter. It's rated for a 600 L tank with a flowrate of 1250L/h. The advantage is that it has a pre-filter section that can pop out for easy ckeaning. This would make maintaining the tanks a lot easier. But is the filter strong / big enough for my aquarium? 


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Actually I have come across another option that I think might be perfect.

This is a small filter from all pond solution that can be used as a "booster filter", similar to the incorporated pre-filter in the oase filter.


The idea is that you put all your mechanical filtration in this smaller filter and then the big filter can be completely filled with material to house the biological filtration.

So when you mainly clean the small booster filter and don't need to touch your biological filtration all too often.

I always get a mini cycle after cleaning the filter. So this should help with that. Plus make the maintenance of my tank easier. Plus it increases the filtration 

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