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Help!! Aggressive Shubunkin goldfish!!


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I actually don't have aquarium salt with me right now since I'm a bit of a beginner to keeping goldfish but I'll get it soon. Thank you! I'm not sure if it's an irritation or something stuck but her poop seems to be really thin as if something is preventing her to poo properly.

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Sounds good to me! Thank you very much!

I've heard that normal salt without additives doesn't have much benefit compared to aquarium salt, is this true?

Also, I found a fish scale in my aquarium it's hard to find since I have white sand as the substrate is this normal or something to be concerned about? 

I had researched about what could potentially be poking out of my female goldfish's vent and I found something called vent prolapse, could that be the case? 

Will the salt have any negative side affects to the fish? 

How much salt should I add to the aquarium? 


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Hi, I haven't heard of any thing about normal salt not having he benefits of aquarium salt. I haven't used aquarium salt in YEARS and haven't noticed any difference apart from the price :)

The scale is fine, Fish occasionally lose scales :)

I don't think it looks like a prolapse, that was a thought I had which is why I wanted to see photos :)

There shouldn't be any negative side effects, especially since we are using a low dose.


You will want to dose the tank to 0.1% salt, which is  1 gram per Litre

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