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I'm so excited to be here!

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Hi Everyone!!!!

Long story short, many years ago I was BIG into the hobby. I had four goldfish who were my pride and joy. It started with a goldfish I won at the fair, which I had for several years. Sadly, when my husband and I got married and had our daughter young, we needed the money to buy baby items, and I had to sell my tank with my beloved goldfish. I was heartbroken but at the time, it was the only thing I had that could bring us in enough money to afford what we needed :bye2:

Its been 13 years. My husband has wanted to replace my tank for years now but we have either never had the proper space nor the money to start from scratch. This past year we sold our house, downsized and moved to were cost of living was more manageable compared to where we were before. Then one day I stumbled upon a picture of an adorable goldfish, made a comment about how much I  missed having my goldfish.. and my husband purchased me a new 60 gallon tank. You best believe I ran with that and went crazy buying everything I knew id need, plus more LOL. Ive been cycling the tank, getting it ready, and desperately wanting the perfect goldfish. I knew we would have to order what I wanted, so I agreed we would just do a community tank because ordering what I wanted was costly. But, to my surprise, my husband decided to order two goldfish from king koi. I almost cried I was so happy. They arent here yet, but will be next week, but im beyond excited. I cant wait to be a goldfish mama again. 

My new babies are a tricolored thai oranda and a kirin tele oranda. I saved the pictures of them on my computer just so I can daydream about them (I know, silly). The TV in our room was recently taken out so I could sleep better (i was staying up watching TV way too late) and in place, the tank will be in our room to create a relaxing space I can escape to. 

As for everything else, Im 34. My husband and I have four amazing (and crazy) children together. We live in satans armpit (as my daughter calls it because its so hot here during the summer). I used to love aquascaping, but know its a bit difficult with goldfish as they eat EVERYTHING, but im up for the challange (i managed it years ago, I think I can do it again). In my free time I knit, sew and homeschool my kids. I cant wait to get to know everyone!!!!!


I attached pictures of my soon to be goldfish babies. 




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Those are some very stunning fish.

That was an incredible story on your fish. To have to give them up and then your sweet hubby gets you another set up. :heart 

Oh 4 kids. I got just one and she's a handful. I can't imagine 4 of them. @Arctic Mama I think has 6 kids 2 more up on ya :rofl 

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