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Goldfish with a Water Softener In New House

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We are moving in a few days and I noticed that there is a water softener unit in the basement. I never had a water softener before so I know nothing about them. One of my friends said it will be bad for my houseplants and my fish. My bf said there is a water bypass valve on it so I can open it to get just the regular tap water to the faucets instead of using the soft water during water changes. But I'm not sure if the water softener goes into the water heater, and I use both the hot and cold water to get the correct temp for my goldfish and my tropical fish. My bf told me I'd probably have to flush the pipes to the faucet that I want to use, which would be the kitchen sink, and drain the hot water heater before use for the fish tanks each week. Would I have to do that? That would be a huge waste of water! I don't want to just keep the water softener off all the time, because I know that soft water is better for the washing machine, dish washer, shower heads etc to prevent the build up of deposits from regular hard water to help them last longer and work better. Any ideas? What do you suggest? 

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We have a softener on the hot water. The water is primarily cold going into the tank, most fish don’t seem to have an issue with a little softened water unless the water is already unstable or soft (which it usually isn’t, if one has a softener ;) ). Worst case scenario check your hardness and we can buffer your tank after water changes if need be.

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