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Bump on nose


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Does anyone know what this bump under Ziva's nostril is? It reminds me of a pimple.  Her "buddy" has been nipping at her sometimes....I have no idea why. Her tail has some rips, which I think her friend did, too. She is a comet and he will give her long tail a nip. They've been together for 5 yrs. As a side note- my tank has been going through a cycle since I upgraded. I thought my fishless cycle was finished, but when I added the fish, ammonia went up. 45 gal, Amm .5-1, NO2 .25-.50. pH 6.2 (always low). I'm wondering about adding meds, but I hate to just start throwing stuff in there. 

Thanks, I hope someone can help me!




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Hey there! For the time being I think keeping the water parameters under control is your best bet, especially that ammonia. I know it’s tough with a fish in cycle, but I would focus on that unless her condition deteriorated further. It could be a benign growth or a bacterial cyst, but if she is eating and swimming and not showing further symptoms beyond the bump at present it’s okay to wait.

Should her tail deteriorate, lethargy or gasping set in, or her color blanch or go reddish, we will put her in a hospital tank and begin treatment with kanaplex. But I wouldn’t start with that just for the bump alone, no.

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Thanks! I've been reading this forum for a couple of years and there seems to be a lot of experienced fish lovers on here.

The fish-in cycle has stressed me out a lot. I'm hoping it will be done sooner than later. I added a little salt to the tank today. I'll just keep an eye on things for now. Barnabas may end up in the penalty box if he won't quit nipping at her. Thanks for your help!


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