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Bird tracking  fun is subject and I do not know where to post it some I try here.just discovered this about how birds are being tracked with micro mini solar powered gps kits attached. We are following the migration of a group of Coukoo birds from breeding site in UK to their winter home in Africa. Also following the Bald Ibis ( hunted to extinction in Europe) from breeding in zoo to being “guided” with foster parents in ultralights from North through alps to winter sites in Italy . We follow Idefix and Hannibal. I post pictures of tracks taken from app animal tracker where all the animals are and BTO for the cookoo.  They like to stop at golf courses, good water, fresh grass for bugs, and nobody shoots at them!




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That is neat. I like to see there migration paths or even there habits.....I Been really watching my hummingbirds. My neighbor sees them go from here house to mine. Lol

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